FAIL: Catherine McKenna Can’t Figure Out Whether The Feline Cafe Offers Plastic Straws Or Not, But Don’t Worry You Guys, She Can Totes Run A Massive Federal Carbon Tax Program!


Catherine McKenna wants to be taken seriously.

But then stuff like this happens:

“@cathmckenna I’m disappointed that you didn’t get my approval before posting – and then deleting – this. It’s meant well but it’s incorrect. We have straws by request (both paper and plastic) for those who need them.”

So, Catherine McKenna couldn’t even figure out whether a cafe offers plastic straws, didn’t confirm it, but was so desperate for a ‘climate win’ that she just made stuff up and tweeted it, before having to delete the tweet after being called out by the restaurant.


And yet, even though she couldn’t get that right, McKenna expects Canadians to trust her to implement a massive job-killing carbon tax that impacts literally every part of our economy and will have serious consequences for families and businesses alike?

I don’t think so.

What makes this even more hilarious/absurd is that McKenna was one of the people complaining the most about parody Twitter accounts, yet she just clowned herself far better than any parody account ever could.

This gap between the serious self-image of the Trudeau Liberals and their actual lack of seriousness and competence would be a great joke for all of us to laugh at, except for the fact that they still have real power over our lives.

That’s why we need to defeat them first, and then they can be reduced to the powerless jokes that they should be.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It just proves again that all the education you can afford will not make you smart, you need intelligence to actually benefit from an expensive education like hers, but our system, if you have the money you can graduate. But is there really any use for a social justice lawyer, who cannot tell plastic straws from ?paper or glass? This just shows us much clearer what all was elected to pretend to be a government, and yes it would be so humorous if it was not so sad, and we have to pay for it.


I totally agree that this could be severely laughed at if it were not such a tragedy that this group of liberal incompetent clowns are in charge of this country …and master of our economic fate …absurd, horrendous and they must be ousted !!!


McKenna is just another Useless Liberal that will be booted out next Election, but hopefully, sooner!

Joanne Bryan

Ban straws because they harm fish, Fishing nets left in the sea and other fishing equipment left in water by commercials fisherman, cause more damage to water life than the number of straws you’ll find in the ocean. This has to be the dumbest idea ever. Research and get statistics for problems caused by fishing, far outweighs damage by straws.

Gordon Carpenter

Another astute observation Spencer. Just keep them coming! SOOOOO Funny!!!!