REVEALED: Illegal Border Crossings Have Cost Canadian Taxpayers $270 MILLION

And this doesn’t even include the growing cost to provinces as the number of illegal border crossers adds up.

As the Trudeau government fails to secure Canada’s borders, the cost of illegal border crossings continues to pile up.

Now, that cost has been revealed.

In the past two years, the Trudeau government has spent $270 million of our taxpayer dollars on illegal border crossers.

As noted by Global News, “All four agencies involved in dealing with irregular migration – RCMP, Immigration, Public Safety Canada and the Immigration and Refugee Board – submitted amounts they have spent every month since early 2017 when the influx of asylum seekers began to ramp up.”

While $270 million is a lot of money, it’s not even the full picture.

This doesn’t include the cost to provincial and municipal governments, and it doesn’t include what the federal government will likely end up spending to meet provincial demands for support.

When all of that is added up – and the cost keeps rising because the crossings aren’t stopping – the cost of illegal border crossers will soon reach over a $1 billion, with no end in sight.

All of that money is money that can’t be spent on Canadian citizens. It represents money stolen from Canadian taxpayers, and given to those who have disrespected Canada’s border. A government that can’t even protect our territory and diverts our tax dollars away from Canadians is a government that has no business being in power.

Spencer Fernando

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shawn harris

The first priority, obligation of the prime minister is the safety of Canadians, not whether illegall immigrants and refugees are allowed to just walst or walk across Canada’s borders. Canadian citizenship has great value and is sought after by immigrants from around the world, especially those who have and are following the rules, pathway to Canadian citizenship. But, Trudeau with his decisions to allow anyone and everyone that can make it to Canada, to come here and apply, undermines both the immigrants following the rules and the value of Canadian citizenship. Not to mention it breaks down the unity of… Read more »


this border crossing issue has become ludicrous …do as Hungary does …no no no …no acceptance PERIOD ….this is no longer a refugee crisis , they say, it is a random immigrant crisis …why in hell do we have to accept ANY immigrants in this country when its bona fide citizens cant make it …complex because if UIC is so easy to get …. then how can we be sure that those who get it have earned it …and the government cannot even control this basic requirement …work and support yourself …if you cannot ….


All we can do is criticize and criticize this terrible Liberal government showing blatantly that they are IRRESPONSIBLE, CARELESS, DISRESPECTFUL. STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION TODAY.


I guess the irregular reporters are not regular when comes to doing their jobs. Just as those irregular refugees are not regular refugees who follow protocol and seek refuge through legal ways. Just like legal people are not illegal or irregular. Just as women who experience irregular menstrual cycle and those women who are regular. Justin Trudeau is very irregular as are the media reporters. Regular or legal Canadians have to pay their taxes on a regular basis or else if paying irregular will cause problems for them. Seems to me since Jihadi Trudeau like using the term ‘Irregular’ ,… Read more »

Ben Eby

This is an assault on fair minded and charitable Canadians across the country. Once again our generosity is being abused and our willingness to help disrespected by members of our own parliament, specifically the highly despicable, and disgusting immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, who has absolutely no regard, for who we are, and what we think. There is good reason to believe this despicable person, is personally benefiting, from this all out assault on the Canadian nation! And finally, where is the all out attack from the opposition, where is their backbone in this time of crises. The few shouts offered… Read more »


We hardly hear from the Opposition except on terrific sites like this. That has to change immediately. Check out Michelle Rempel and other front liners on You Tube. Pretty well a daily statement. There are a few front row Conservatives that are more recognizable to Canadians than Scheer with Michelle being one, Pierre Poilievre another. Both would be better PM’s than Scheer and I am a Conservative member. The feeling around the local coffee pot is that many Canadians would have trouble picking Scheer out of a 1 person lineup. We see Trudeau’s face almost every day, Scheer possibly once… Read more »

David MacKAY

270 million so far.
But what is the cost year after year?


Because we know Lieberal/NDP’s can barely count for Canada, just how much money they personally are taking and hiding most likely, this number is probably not close to correct, they really don’t care you know their budgets balance themselves and they still cannot say how much their ?cargon tax cost Canada, especially how many jobs lost, but even when the cupboards bare they just add the bill on the Canadian credit card where only the interest gets paid, so far anyway, as long as they get enough money for themselves.

Moe S.

In addition, Lisa MacLeod, the Ontario minister responsible for immigration, told the parliamentary committee last week the province’s estimated cost of supporting the illegal asylum seekers is now $200 million, including $90 million in welfare, $86 million for shelter services in Toronto, $3 million for Red Cross support and $20 million for education for migrant children. So far, Trudeau has only committed $11 million in direct aid to Toronto. MacLeod stated, “the problems seem to be spreading without any light at the end of the tunnel.” Yet, Public Safety Min. Ralph Goodale stated the ‘irregular border crossers’ have not reached… Read more »


Trudeau is putting illegal border crossers into hotels
Published on Jul 27, 2018

don morris

The politicians who run Canada’s cities affected by the illegals should put them on a bus,and send them to Ottawa,telling them to set up cam on Parliament Hill, right in Trudeau’s face.

But I suppose the Mayors of Toronto and Montreal consider Trudeau their hero,so won’t do anything to upset him.


No money for boots or veterans or Judges or border enforcement, but massive amounts for NCCM / Cair – Can, The Clinton Family Fund, Hamas’ weapons, decent fighter planes, ISIS killers, mosque camera systems.

Typical Trudeau and his Liberals, make snap decisions and expect Canadians to do the work and cover the costs. There are entirely too many of his dictatorial decisions made without thinking things through.

jean mcculloch

I cant imagine fleeing from a country where ones life is in danger. My whole family, parents and Grandparents lost EVERYTHING in the Clydebank Blitz , Google if you like. We were homeless standing with house coats and slippers. The Government made citizens take us in ,no choices.We moved eighteen times, one has to experience having nothing due to Tyranny. I am sure these refuges would prefer to stay in their own countries, not take welfare and have to learn a new language and culture. I feel sure Governments are wasting money in other areas. Compassion is a wonderful thing… Read more »