WATCH: Ford Government Calls On Trudeau To Scrap Job-Killing Carbon Tax

“We oppose a carbon tax in any form of any size” says Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips.

With the Trudeau government know acknowledging (even without saying it) that the carbon tax is an economically damaging job-killing scheme, people are now focusing on the fact that it’s not being cancelled outright.

After all, if it’s not necessary for the environment, and if it damages Canada’s economy, why is it still there at all?

That’s what Ontario is demanding, as the Ford government calls on the Trudeau government to scrap the carbon tax entirely:

“We’re going to fight for the people of Ontario. Our government will challenge the carbon tax in court, because no family or business should be forced to pay this burdensome tax.”

“Our message to the Prime Minister is clear. It’s never too late to do the right thing. Cancel your carbon tax!”

“The climb-down from the @JustinTrudeau government is an acknowledgement of the serious economic impacts of their job-killing carbon tax. Our government remains opposed to a carbon tax, of any kind, of any size.”

“Today, @RodPhillips01 and I announced that we are taking the federal government to court to challenge their carbon tax. Our government has a clear mandate from the people of Ontario to oppose this tax, and we are confident that the will of the people will prevail.”

Keeping promises

The Ford government continues to keep their promises, and the more promises they keep the more the establishment media and radical leftists become unhinged. Clearly, they aren’t used to a political party that actually matches their words and their actions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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How ironic, ignorant and disturbing – that the PM would continue on a path(ological) and fraudulent money grab across the board.
But that’s what to expect by those whom have more than they can chew – demand you go on a diet – then take you grocery shopping, just to rub it in.

When the people stand up – they will stand down.

Ron Voss

What a change from Patrick Brown!


Doug Ford is Ontario’s hero, we support you fully, you are working hard for the people, I hope all the other Provinces have someone as great as you are to vote for soon. Now if we can find another really great leader federally, because not only is there a huge mess our laws need to be rewritten to protect us and judges and police need to be back to balance and our now useless constitution since it seems very broken and the Canadian credit card we are only paying interest on really needs to be shut down and paid off… Read more »


PS tongue in cheek, there should be a law that women from Hamilton Ontario should not be allowed in politics eg.
Catherine Mckinnon, Andrea Horwath, Sheila Copps and I live here!

alan skelhorne

isn,t that funny nancy, i have lost friends over this for me voting conservative.
people say i am narrow minded and uneducated because i didn,t vote for andrea, well i beg to differ, i voted with my brain, and not my much for friendships. lol.


Trudeau will cave on the CTax and then Katie Telford and the Leftist media minions will go into overdrive. They’ll make him look like the 2nd coming; “he listened to the middle class to whom he is so dedicated,” they will say;
“financial genius ,” The Toronto Red Star will write. The CBC will be instructed to sing his praises. Globe and Mail headline will read, “Trudeau Saves Oil and Gas Industry”


Section 92A of the Canadian Constitution, (the ruling document for the government) spells out the powers held by each level of government but like any formal constitutional provision, it does not determine the way those powers will be exercised. The amendment provides a revised framework for the management of conflict that acknowledges the interests of both federal and provincial governments in resource development. 1999 SCC ruling in Westbank First Nation v. British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority has declared that a government levy would be in pith and substance a tax if it was “unconnected to any form of a… Read more »