ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING POLL: Canadians REJECT Trudeau Approach, Side With Conservatives

The effort by Trudeau and the elites to downplay the crisis has failed miserably.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows a clear majority of Canadians rejecting Justin Trudeau’s do-nothing approach to the illegal border crossing crisis.

Here are some of the key numbers:

While the Trudeau Liberals have tried saying the illegal crossings are not a crisis, 67% of Canadians call it a “crisis,” vs just 33% who say it’s not a crisis.

58% of Canadians say Canada is “too generous” towards illegal border crossers, an increase from the 53% who said that in 2017.

While 50% say it’s important or a majority priority to help those who cross illegally, 78% say stronger border security should be the focus.

65% say “this is too many people for Canada to handle” when it comes to those crossing into Canada illegally.

Trudeau’s approach rejected by supporters of all parties

Trudeau, Hussen, Goodale, and now Blair have all tried to say Canada can manage the influx. But even Liberal party supporters aren’t buying it. While 84% of people who voted Conservative say the illegal crossings are more than Canada can handle, 56% of those who voted Liberal, and 53% of those who voted NDP also say the same thing.

A majority of people from all age groups and education levels say the same thing as well.

78% say it’s important for the border to become stronger, with things such as “police, immigration officers and technology (such as drones) to monitor and secure the unguarded areas of our border.”

Another question asked what individual respondents would focus resources on if they were in control of the Canadian border:

5% said they would focus only on “assisting the arrivals,” 24% said they would focus “mostly on assisting the arrivals,” 46% said they would focus “mostly on border monitoring and security,” and 25% said they would focus “exclusively on border monitoring and security.”

Most Canadians don’t see illegal border crossers as genuine refugees

The survey asked whether people saw the illegal border crossers as genuine refugees, or economic opportunists.

27% said they were mostly genuine refugees, 40% said they were mostly economic opportunists, and 34% said it was about half and half.

More Canadians trust Scheer to handle crisis by wide margin

When asked which party leader they trusted most to handle the illegal border crossing crisis, 48% said Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, compared to 35% who said Trudeau, and 16% who said Jagmeet Singh.

Amazingly, 30% of Liberal supporters trust Scheer, showing that Trudeau faces significant doubts about his handling of the crisis even within his own party.

Canadians have common sense and we want our border secured

The results of this survey are not a big surprise. Canadians are a common sense people, and it’s simply common sense that a nation should have control over its borders. With the costs of illegal border crossings adding up, and provincial/municipal governments facing ever-escalating burdens from the never ending influx, it’s obvious that the situation at the border is out of control, and is a serious crisis for our nation.

The Conservatives need to keep hammering away at the Trudeau Liberals, holding them accountable for their betrayal of Canadians and making sure Trudeau can’t sneak his way out of the crisis he created.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

the majority of Canadians do not agree with Turdeau,he has been a failure and step down

Ralph Knapp

If the Liberal Party had any common sense and were really committed to providing good government for the Canadian people, they would remove the Boy as leader ASAP. One can only dream eh?


You welcome people into your ask your neighboirs to attend to their meeds while you surf the waves snd let’s see what they say.
Well, jihadi trudeau personally eelcomed illegals into our nation while vavations and demands us to look after his illegals. So far, I have yet to see any report offer their homes and offices to help their idol, Trudeau. Yet he is forcing hotels to put up those illegals. Jihadi trudeau is looking to use thses illegals for votes.


Ontario is to receive a min of 11 million to aid the spike of jihadi justin’s personal welcomed illegals.
Le me get this straight, money for illegals and their needs, but not a single dime to aid the spike of legal canadian homelessness and their needs. No housing, food for our legal citizens. They become refugees in their own country.

don morris

Has a miracle occurred? Have Canadians finally smartened up to the realization Trudeau and Butts have an agenda that doesn’t include Canadians? Let’s hope so. Stats just released by the government claim that illegal Border crossers in the last 18 months have cost us taxpayers $270 million. Also: Canada has at any given time, over 200,000 homeless people living in our streets and in temporary shelters such as gospel missions, while 850,000 Canadians are forced to use food banks to survive. The CPC is in a position to win a majority government next year,IF they can maintain a sensible campaign… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau just keeps on proving just why he shouldn’t have ever been Prime Minister. Trudeau’s lust for power and need for never being held accountable, comes through clearly , with his treasonous acts of failing to protect Canada and Canadians. Trudeau continues to make a mockery of Canadians, especially those who have recently gone through the real and legally proper process of obtaining Canadian citizenship, allowing illegal immigrants and refugees to jump the legal que of immigration to citizenship process. Thus Trudeau diminishes all Canadian citizenships, mocks those who are using the legal process and places all Canada’s security at… Read more »


With all the very sad and hopeful stories the CBC has been running, it makes you feel guilty not to support them more. At the same time there are way too many Canadians without a decent job for their families and many with what jobs are out there that can no longer afford what they had and the many young people who finish University or college owing a lot of money and can not find work or find work that does not pay enough to pay back their student loans. The CBC says that the illegal border jumpers and refugees… Read more »

Moe S.

While 67% of Canadians have stated there is a “crisis” the new clown act put forward from the Liberal circus was Bill Blair on Toronto 640 radio today telling listeners, “everything is under control, everyone is working hard, it’s all being managed.” I guess Blair finally got his talking points and directives straightened out. Meanwhile what the Federal Libs have ‘managed’ to do is dump the illegal asylum seekers into 8 cities & regions, comprising 19 municipalities, ie; Markham, Kingston, London. These municipalities will ‘temporarily’ house the asylum seekers in various hotels. The Trudeau spin doctor Bill Blair stated the… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

I had repeatedly posted what Trudeau would do to us in the comments sections of countless news articles and YouTube videos, even before he was elected! I had watched that imbecile closely for quite a few years and knew what he was all about! I had often received negative feedback to my comments from many liberal Canadians, and I had stated, that they would regret their decisions! It has now come to pass!


Trudeau is actually devaluing the Canadian citizenship although he claims the opposite. Does this halfboy/halfgirl can even put some sense in that little brain of his. If anybody can become a Canadian citizen WITHOUT ANY REQUIREMENT OR CONDITIONS, where is the value in this? I guess my dog could become a Canadian citizen according to Trudott thinking. The man is so ridiculous that we cant have any respect for him.

Tommy Hawk

It would be difficult for any thinking Canadian to even think of agreeing with ‘his’ position on illegal border crossers — and the fact that he laid claim to ‘Canada having no borders,’ makes him, by definition in every dictionary a traitor.