ARROGANCE: Trudeau Liberals Dismiss Poll Showing Massive Opposition To Their Open Borders Policy, Insult Intelligence Of Canadians

If you disagree with their failure to stop illegal border crossers, the Trudeau Liberals respond with condescension and elitist arrogance.

As I recently reported, a new poll shows a clear majority of Canadians oppose the Trudeau Liberals open border policies.

In the face of such intense public opposition – especially on an issue as important as whether or not we even have a functioning border – a government that believed in democracy would listen to what people are saying, change course, and put a stop to the illegal crossings.

But as you probably already guessed, that’s not what the Trudeau Liberals are doing.

Instead, they’re blaming Canadians for not ‘understanding’ the issue.

Here’s how ‘border security minister’ Bill Blair responded:

“I read the results of that poll. Canadians have a misperception of the number of people coming and the circumstances under which they are coming. It is important that we address many of the misconceptions and misinformation that Canadians have heard that, quite frankly, causes a fear. A fear not based on facts but on rhetoric.”

“Causes a fear”?

What the hell is he talking about?

You can practically hear the arrogance of Blair through that statement. Just like Trudeau, he never thinks there’s a real problem, except for “fear,” when in reality, the majority of Canadians are only asking for a pretty simple thing: Our borders to be respected and protected.

Time and time again, Trudeau, Hussen, Blair, and others in the Trudeau government blame Canadians and insult our intelligence whenever we ‘dare’ to question what the government is doing. It’s as if they can’t even process the idea that their policies are wrong, and instead insult the intelligence of Canadians by saying we can’t ‘understand’ what’s happening.

And the whole focus on ‘fear’ is incredibly manipulative. Fear is a genuine emotion, and having open, unprotected borders is something Canadians should be concerned about.

It’s not the government’s job to just dismiss fear – especially when it’s felt by the majority of Canadians – it’s the government’s job to address why the fear exists.

The Trudeau government has repeatedly shown themselves unable to protect our borders, and their attempt to insult Canadians and pin the blame on us is disgusting and dangerously anti-democratic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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