ARROGANCE: Trudeau Liberals Dismiss Poll Showing Massive Opposition To Their Open Borders Policy, Insult Intelligence Of Canadians

If you disagree with their failure to stop illegal border crossers, the Trudeau Liberals respond with condescension and elitist arrogance.

As I recently reported, a new poll shows a clear majority of Canadians oppose the Trudeau Liberals open border policies.

In the face of such intense public opposition – especially on an issue as important as whether or not we even have a functioning border – a government that believed in democracy would listen to what people are saying, change course, and put a stop to the illegal crossings.

But as you probably already guessed, that’s not what the Trudeau Liberals are doing.

Instead, they’re blaming Canadians for not ‘understanding’ the issue.

Here’s how ‘border security minister’ Bill Blair responded:

“I read the results of that poll. Canadians have a misperception of the number of people coming and the circumstances under which they are coming. It is important that we address many of the misconceptions and misinformation that Canadians have heard that, quite frankly, causes a fear. A fear not based on facts but on rhetoric.”

“Causes a fear”?

What the hell is he talking about?

You can practically hear the arrogance of Blair through that statement. Just like Trudeau, he never thinks there’s a real problem, except for “fear,” when in reality, the majority of Canadians are only asking for a pretty simple thing: Our borders to be respected and protected.

Time and time again, Trudeau, Hussen, Blair, and others in the Trudeau government blame Canadians and insult our intelligence whenever we ‘dare’ to question what the government is doing. It’s as if they can’t even process the idea that their policies are wrong, and instead insult the intelligence of Canadians by saying we can’t ‘understand’ what’s happening.

And the whole focus on ‘fear’ is incredibly manipulative. Fear is a genuine emotion, and having open, unprotected borders is something Canadians should be concerned about.

It’s not the government’s job to just dismiss fear – especially when it’s felt by the majority of Canadians – it’s the government’s job to address why the fear exists.

The Trudeau government has repeatedly shown themselves unable to protect our borders, and their attempt to insult Canadians and pin the blame on us is disgusting and dangerously anti-democratic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

“A government that believed in democracy would listen to what people are saying, change course, and put a stop to the illegal crossings.” Except when you have a government that admires a “basic dictatorship” and acts accordingly with a majority government.

Agnes Wolters

Maybe a massive peaceful demonstration in Ottawa is needed to make the government know that Canadians are serious about the border issue.

Don Taylor

the entire Liberal Govt follow the the most ignorant PM in Canadian history it is no wonder they all think the same,they are in for a rude awakening when their out on the street looking in,while Canadians have to clean up their mess.


Where is the Poll from Angus Reid asking Canadians if Canadians Demand Justin Trudeau CHARGED with TREASON?? or a Poll from Angus Reid asking Canadians if We DEMAND Justin Trudeau Resign NOW?? Canadians are NOT Misunderstood Regarding the Illegal Border, as the Liberal Government and the Elites tell Canadians. The Majority of Canadians are very Intelligent and Insulting the Intelligence of Canadians and Insinuating that there is Fear Mongering by the Conservatives is very Manipulative and ANOTHER LIE by these Arrogant, Corrupt Liberals. Canadians are NOT Falling for Liberal Manipulation and all their Lies! Canadians have had MORE THAN ENOUGH!… Read more »

William Roberts

What Canadians want to see is some sort of controlled immigration not this helter skelter Libnut style everyone is welcome attitude. If they don’t think that the criminal element has breached out borders then they are more naïve than even I originally thought. We used to have laws now its anarchy at these borders. Bill Blair is Drama Boys bitch on this file now.A Chief of Police covering up an idiots mistake.How the mighty have fallen

Chris vrecko

Mr Blair, I am sorry you have been so misguided. Our fear is NOT misguided. Canadians understand what is expected of them and we foolishly thought that that those applying for seats in our govt. understood what was expected of them as well. We now see that we were wrong in our assumption (silly us) that our illustrious Slime minister has not a clue of what his position entails. 1. KEEP CANADA AND CANADIANS safe. 2. Mind the bank(as you know the budget does NOT balance itself). 3. Show up for work every day, answer w clarity and good grace… Read more »


I request that your readers consider viewing the following reports – – about how “refugees” are treating the housing/care facilities that our tax dollars are paying for. Very illuminating.

Mike Allan

I’m not understanding something here Anna.It seems to me that you are putting down the good people of Denmark and building up the almost perfect refugee.Are you asking the people of Denmark to do even more than they are doing already with the free,free,free everything.whats next.

Ralph Knapp

Bill Blair is a perfect fit for the Trudeau Cabinet. He’s a lap dog.


They are greedy and totally arrogant, but just following their one world Totalitarian agendas to collapse Canada, they are the racists. There appears to only be people for totalitarian one world governments like this Lieberal/NDP is trying hard to force on what was Canada, OR we can vote next election for a kind of a weak democratic leftist government, that was the Conservatives who are supporting the UN and its Paris accord? maybe they are not quite following the UN’s one world agenda yet, we are still waiting to hear. We now have a real democracy (Conservative) fighting to exist… Read more »


Fernando. I think you made a mistake by addressing ‘fears’ as if it’s true, and further, suggesting they address such fear, as Blair will simply say that’s what he’s doing. We’re not frightened, we’re ‘concerned’, and we’re angry at their condescension and refusal to maintain rule of law.


We must stop the lunisy, when a government can dictate to the people, without any form of consolation, issues that will forever change our lives it is not a democracy. We must put into place a system where this can not happen again. Somehow we have given the rains of our country to a mad man hell bent on destroying our system of fairness, honesty and integrity. He has opened the floodgates on making cheating, stealing and lying exceptable. How do you teach your children to be honest, fair, compationate and all the things we were brought up to be… Read more »


Who is this Blair guy? Minister of something. but Minister of nothing. Is he supposed to be the new face of Liberals and illegal invaders?

Are real Liberal ministers too cowardly to present their lies to Canadians?

Liberal news is fake news. #walkaway.


The gov’t is not unable to protect our border, the gov’t is not, in this instance, interested in protecting our border.


Just a quick note to congratulate and encourage you to keep shinning the light on crucial Canadian issues!

Diane DiFlorio

Listen Mr. Blair, if us Canadian folks have any misconception it’s due to media and government spin and misinformation.

I’d bet dollars to donuts Mr. ex-copper BB that if any of these illegals ended up around your residence, then you can honestly spew “causes of fear”.

Also, you must feel like a total moron being selected as the figure head with no plan and no one reporting to you. Better start singing “All By Myself” ……


How does the Trudeau base not see him as a clear and present danger to Canadians’ well being? He has, by policy, failed to secure Canada’s border from illegal border crossers. He reportedly has sent or earmarked hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to benefit people of other countries while our country’s finances swirl down the drain. He refuses to adequately finance our military, undermining any ability we might have to defend our nation. Treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s nation. This PM is, of course, walking a fine line between political… Read more »


You can tell by his actions and words Justin is NOT working nor his concern for Canadians but shows through his actions and words, great respect for racialism, terrorists, ISIS, CRIMINALS, LAW BREAKER, ILLIGALS, SHARIA LAW. He is imo, performing an act of terror on Canadians. It is only a matter of time before we experience ‘the full blown terror fear on our soil.
In fact, Muslims themselves see what Trudeau is doing against Canadians and freedom. These Muslims have are warning us continuously of the ‘great’ damage’ trudeau is doing to our nation. I believe every word they say.


I was at the Belleville Wal-Mart two days ago. At the entrance into the parking lot, stood a lady with a sign. Not verbatim .. “please give money. I am a refugee with three children…”
And yes, she was over-dressed for the weather.
Seriously! …
Trudeau is not helping Canadians, and he shouldn’t guilt us, shame us, or demean our intelligence by forcing us to accept their irresponsible and illegal ideals of opening our borders without proper vetting.
We have Canadians that are in need of our own taxes that Trudeau freely gives away to foreign terrorist countries.


This talking head used to be the Minister of Dope. We all know how that is turning out. He now claims to have something to do with importing illegals but has no responsibility or authority. Is he the new face of Liberal stupidity?


The “Liberal Parties” Mantra…
If that doesn’t work… Deny.
If that doesn’t work… Deflect.
If that doesn’t work… Denigrate.
If all else fails, scream RACISM!

Tommy Hawk

When you have arrogance, ignorance, a distinct lack of reality and the more insidious attitude of “We are always right,” rolled into one, you have the perfect picture of the dictator — clearly demonstrated throughout history and being clearly repeated here in Canada. This was not unexpected when ‘he’ was anointed — and that is the correct term — and when one looks back in time to daddy’s time in office, we see a mirror image and attitude. After all, from the moment of his first understanding in either or both official languages, he was trained (just as was the… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Arrogance and ignorance are the Trudeau mantra and nothing available in this world can alter that unarguable reality.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and his sycophantic caucus members and supporters, just don’t understand the very clear message that all Canadians have sent him and his government, that can be summed up in two words. Canadians want,even demand that we be respected and protected. And that our borders, our sovereignty are not something that can be treated with such outrageous disrespect and be used in some twisted socialist experiment, all so Trudeau can tilt the next election in his favour , while destroying our nation, our culture , and identity. Trudeau, like his father before him, shows the same arrogance that earned his… Read more »

Steven Anthony

Time to throw these traitors(Trudeau and his buddies) out of office and regain our country…CANADA!!