WATCH: Hypocritical Trudeau Government Thinks Saying “Illegal Border Crossers” Is Mean, Yet Have No Problem Calling Canadians “Racists”

The hypocrisy is disgusting.

Just when you think the hypocrisy of the Trudeau Liberals has reached its peak – it gets worse.

Liberal MP Sean Fraser recently said that “words very, very much do matter,” and that it was wrong to use the term “illegal border crossers.”

However, Justin Trudeau had no problem calling Canadians concerned about border security “racists.”

So, in the twisted logic of the Trudeau Liberals, it’s fine calling Canadians “racists” for wanting our border laws actually enforced, but it’s wrong to use the factual term “illegal border crossers,” even though that describes exactly what the situation is.

Watch the disgusting hypocrisy for yourself in the video below:

This is truly disgusting.

I’ve often talked about how the Trudeau government has shown themselves to be totally disloyal to the Canadian People – and this video confirms it even more.

Think about the message this is sending: The Trudeau Liberals are fine demonizing many millions of Canadians, but attack those who use the proper, factual term for people entering Canada illegally.

We can only conclude from this that the Trudeau government is totally fine with illegal crossings, and wants to reward those who violate our border, while turning all their anger and hate towards Canadian Citizens.

It’s disgusting, it’s backwards, and it’s a total disgrace. We’re paying for a government that actively rewards the violation of our borders and is actively working against the interests of taxpayers.

They have no business holding power, and they must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The citizens of Canada are racist because we want our
borders protected. Does that mean Trudeau is a racist
because he is protected by armed guards?

Elizabeth Thorne

and Justine is a clown…..




He even called Muslims who fled legally into Canada from the horror of death, torture, mutilation, ‘RACIST’, Jews Christians that racist Jihadi Trudeau hates so much are racists as well. Canadian courts, judges, lawyers, police, military soldiers, Buddhists, Sheiks, blacks, white, Chinese, Hindus, his own mother, wife, children, cbc, t/s, ctv, global, N/P, all Canadian reporters who lie for jihardi Justin and many others, businesses, Aboriginals, you name them ARE ALL RACISTS SO SAID JIHARDI RACIST JUSTIN TRUDEAU WHO SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CHAOS HE AND HE ALONE CREATED. If the racist reporters can’t respond to their vile… Read more »


Every race, creed, and religion born here and who immigrated to Canada are all called “RACISTS by THE LIBERAL GOV AND PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU.

Frank Fata

I have said many times and I continue to say it, on various media outlets; justin trudeau is a complete and utter incompetent and I can not understand how Canadians still believe in his useless and irresponsible rhetoric. I guess a lot of Canadians have drank the kool-Aid these liberals are dishing out and simply don’t know any better or don’t have the wherewithal to see through it. Good luck to all of us, especially those of you who pay the bulk of the taxes that keep justinne’s special interest policies going. Can’t wait for Monday, October 21, 2019. If… Read more »


When this un Canadian PM says ‘CANADIANS’ ARE UN-CANADIANS people we assume that he is referring to conservatives , Christians and whites, that’s why the media goes after these people only, when in truth, he means every race, creed, colour, aboriginals, born here and those who migrated here and who worked, work, died to preserve Canada’s true identity and laws( not Justin and radical liberal’s patty’s style and dangerous path) but to preserve our freedom, our laws are true Canadians. Muslims and others like them who fled from brutality and made their lives here, follow the OUR RULES AND LAWS,… Read more »


Trudeau Liberals were elected by Canadians.
Trudeau says Canadians are racist.
Does that mean the Liberal party is the party of racism?


Most Canadians support LAWFUL immigrants.
Most Canadians oppose UNLAWFUL aliens.
Most Immigrants OPPOSE UNLAWFUL aliens.

Conflating the two won’t change the distinct differences.

The Liberal party blames Canadians that we don’t understand the issues
I don’t think my explanation can get any simpler…..


The Canadian Media are pandering to Trudeau by now continually using his ignorant term “irregular border crossers”. They are ILLEGAL MIGRANTS. No wonder Canadians no longer have faith or trust in major media. I always thought at least Global News was better than that, but they have lowered themselves to the level of CBC and CTV as well. Canadians have to rely more and more on Spencer, John Feldsted and the Rebel. Anything less than fawning, pandering and slobbering over Trudeau and his alphabet+++ politically correct caucus gets you banned for life. Free speech in Canada is now considered hate… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

When one struggles daily with a warped mentality, then one is capable of making any comment about anything and, the fact that the comment is simply stupid is meaningless.

Laurence Wilson

He’s a racist douchebag

Mike Allan

I’m just bewildered at the $270 million dollars spent on illegals.My head gets worse each and everyday when trudeau says there isn’t enough money to help our fighting men and women(veterans).Those that checked the ballot for evil libtards pls give your head a shake and ask yourself was it worth it because of a drug(pot)to be legal.