Canada Should Cut Off All Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an ideological enemy and economic competitor. Cutting off imports of Saudi oil and having true Canadian energy independence would hit them where it hurts.

After the federal government finally had the balls to call out Saudi Arabia’s horrible human rights record (something that’s long overdue), the ruthless Islamist theocracy ordered Canada’s ambassador to leave the country.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia will be stopping all new trade and halting all new investment between them and us.

What will likely follow is a series of ‘very serious’ statements back and forth before the issue fades away.

But if Canada really wants to respond and hit the Saudi’s hard, there’s one thing we must do:

Cut off all oil imports from Saudi Arabia, and move to full energy independence.

In 2016, Canada imported 87,000 barrels of oil per day from the Saudi’s.

This is despite the fact that Canada has more than enough oil to supply the needs of our entire country without relying on regimes like the Saudi theocracy.

Yet, because of disloyal politicians and subversive enemies of Canadian industry, pipelines are blocked and our own oil doesn’t get shipped where it needs to be in our own country.

As a result, we are left in an embarrassingly weak and pathetic position of having to rely on the Saudi’s for oil – even as they try to punish us because the government called them out.

This is why behind the scenes, world leaders are surely laughing at how our government squanders our natural resource wealth and lets our nation be subservient to others like Saudi Arabia even though that country is totally opposed to everything we believe in as Canadians.

If the government immediately announced plans to build the energy east pipeline – and move our nation towards full energy independence while banning Saudi oil, it would send a clear message that Canada won’t be messed with, and that we will stand up for our country and our oil industry no matter what.

But since that makes too much sense, don’t expect Trudeau to do it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Dave Bainard

Better yet, stop oil imports from all islamic countries.


Yes develop our own oil needs.


“Saudis” is plural. I think you meant to use that firm. “Saudi’s” is singular and the possessive form.

Jacqueline Cleroux

I agree with producing our own oil, but Canada is now in a position of having diffulty finding investors with enough confidence in our system of regulations. I seem to remember in the recent past that a Saudi representative was wondering what to do about Canada as a competitor and it’s oil; then it all began, the price drop in our oil, the protestors, the extreme regulations and finally only one pipeline went through. So much money has now flowed out of Canada to more than 25 countries that we will have to borrow ever more money to develop our… Read more »

Shawn Harris

It is rather ironic that it took just this one statement from Trudeau to expose how badly he destroyed our oil industry. Because now we can’t ever think about meeting the daily oil needs for all of Canada. True, in the past we imported oil from despotic and dictatorial countries like Saudi Arabia, but that was because we never had a complete national oil pipeline network. And since Trudeau has held power , we never will, until his sorry but is kicked from office. Hopefully Trudeau will achieve the defeat he has been working so hard to complete and then,… Read more »