DIVISIVE FOOL: Seamus O’Regan’s Incredibly Dumb Claim That “Immigrants” Are Better Job Creators Than “Canadian-Born People” Is Easily Debunked

There are some huge problems with what O’Regan said.

The Trudeau Liberals aren’t taking a break from their effort to divide Canadians.

On Twitter, Seamus O’Regan made the following highly dubious claim:

“No, we just need more job creators. Immigrants are better at creating new businesses and new jobs than Canadian-born people. Simple.”

O’Regan linked to a state-owned CBC article titled “At creating new businesses, immigrants outpace Canadian-born people, StatsCan finds.”

Based on that one headline, O’Regan made his stupid and divisive tweet. But he obviously didn’t even read the article.

The article notes that 5.3% of immigrants in Canada after nine years had created a business, compared to 4.8% among those born in Canada.

Of course, looking at people after nine years in Canada is an arbitrary figure. Why not pick 3 years? Why not 17? Why not 11? It’s easy to pick an arbitrary date and get the stat you want.

Here’s another issue:

The article O’Regan linked to is from March, 2016. At that point, most recent arrivals in Canada had come to the country through the Harper Conservatives immigration policies. The article is based on tax data from 2010, and includes people who came to Canada in 2004 and “in the 10 to 30 year period leading up to 2010.”

The Harper government had purposely shifted Canada’s immigration system to bring more people under the economic stream. That means many people who came to Canada were chosen specifically because they were seen as likely to contribute to the economy.

However, the Trudeau Liberals have changed that policy. They are massively increasing immigration by about 33%, and they are reducing the proportion of ‘business class’ and ‘economic immigrants’ and shifting the system to make it easier for elderly immigrants and ‘family class’ immigrants to enter the country. That will have the effect of reducing the percentage of immigrants who are ‘job creators.’

Plus, the article says “6.2 per cent of those who came in the economic class and 4.3 per cent of those in the family class,” created businesses, while 15% of came under the ‘business class’ created businesses. This is just common sense, yet the Trudeau Liberals are increasing the segment of immigration that is at the lowest end of business creation.

Notably, The Trudeau Liberals are even reducing the business class and economic class proportion to a lower level than past Liberal governments – something that O’Regan failed to mention.

So, O’Regan was trying to get credit for and arbitrary data point that (even if true), would partially represent the success of policies that were in force under the Harper government (and more economic-focused Liberal governments) – policies he and the Trudeau Liberals are scrapping.

And yet, that’s not the only big mistake O’Regan made.

He said that new immigrants were better ‘job creators,’ yet the article he quoted doesn’t even make that claim.

O’Regan also flat out ignored this line in the article:

“In the first two years after they arrive in Canada, immigrant’s business creation level is quite low, the study shows.”

And then there’s this:

“The federal agency found private incorporated firms owned by immigrants tended to be smaller than those owned by their Canadian-born counterparts. In 2010, private incorporated firms owned by longer-term immigrants employed, on average, about four employees, compared to about seven employees in private businesses owned by a Canadian-born group.”

So even if we accept the arbitrary 5.3% to 4.8% comparison, the article quoted by O’Regan indicates that it’s simply not factually correct to state that immigrants are “better” at creating new jobs.

Obviously, O’Regan failed to read the article, making him not only divisive, but also a fool.

As you can imagine, O’Regan’s incredibly dumb comments generated a massive backlash. You can see it in the ratio on his tweet, which has about 100 retweets, but over 1,000 replies – a clear sign that people are pissed off.

And they should be. Welcoming a responsible amount of immigrants to contribute to Canada and join the Canadian family is good. However, politicians shouldn’t be using fake stats to try and divide Canadians – especially when the Trudeau Liberals are shifting the immigration system away from being focused on the economy.

But worst of all is the attempt to pit new Canadians against those were born in this country. It’s disgusting for a politician to play that game, and O’Regan should be ashamed of himself.

My father was born in Trinidad, I was born in Winnipeg. Do the Trudeau Liberals think we should be pitted against eachother?

O’Regan is a disgrace, and the fact that he apparently doesn’t know how to read the article he’s quoting makes him and the Trudeau Liberals look like a pathetic joke.

Yet, they can still be dangerous, and their attempt to use lies to divide our country is yet another reason they must be opposed and defeated. The longer they remain in power, the more damage they do to Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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