VIDEO: Sophie Trudeau Thinks You Can’t Put Up A Tent Without Her Help

Just like Justin, she thinks we’re all stupid.

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau thinks we’re all so dumb that we can’t put up a tent without her help.

That’s the message in a recent Parks Canada video, which you can see below:

“Are you a first-time camper? Not sure how to put up a tent? ⛺ Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Watch this video 🎥 with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, our Honourary Guide for families, and learn about our #LearnToCamp program here:”

The video itself is terrible, even if it was meant to show people how to set up a tent. It compresses the process of putting up the tent into just a few seconds – making it totally useless.

Of course, ‘putting up a tent’ is just the pretext to get more attention for Sophie.

Just like her husband, she thinks we’re all dumb and need her ‘guidance’ to get even the basics right.

And worst of all, this video was surely made at taxpayer-expense, and loves being on camera.

Maybe Sophie and Justin should spend less time worrying about Canadians’ camping skills, and try figuring out how to balance that budget since it’s not balancing itself.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Diane DiFlorio

What a joke that was, of course with our tax dollars.
I have to wonder how they fit their king size deluxe bedroom suite in that tent when the Trudeau family goes camping….. yeah right…. ;oP


and maybe the blonde ragdoll and the sock guy might try NOT gaining so much attention , since their messages are usually brilliant with nonsense

Bill Quest

Soapie is baaaaaaaaaack ………..

Sylvain Lamoureux

I’m surprised she did not sing us through it. I can’t stand her. She is just as clueless as her husband. I can’t wait for them to disappear.


I think she needs a theme song.
How about “It’s Sophie Trudeau Time”,
sung to the tune of “It’s Howdy Doody Time”.
[tv puppet show from 1947-1960]
Sorry if your under 65, you’ll have to search
the internet, but it’s worth it.


Here is another one for Justin. Search for the Rodeo song by showdown and just substitute the name Johnny with Justin. It should be his theme song.

Rick Lennon

Has anyone ever seen her infomercial about making her p*s*y juices taste good. That shows the level of her mentality. Her and Justin make a beautiful brain dead couple

Gisele Hetu

It’s insulting to all of us. Just go away Sophie – if you wanted to be a teacher, why didn’t you do it? You and Justin as teachers is where you should both be. You have the skills needed for that, including the know-it-all condescending tone. You do not at all act like the wife of a “leader” of Canada!


Why is all the news deleted so that we can’t read them? CBC at work again in their dictatorial way. What happened to Freedom of the Press.

alan skelhorne

does anyone know how much she is being paid to do this service.?????????

Eric Blair

Surely this topic is covered extensively on a number of Youtube channels so why have it done using Sophie. Maybe the government is not aware of what is on Youtube, maybe they are in a bubble on these matters.

What would have been funny would be to see her husband and kids trying to put up a tent in the background and making a hash out of it. I see a parody video in the works!

Moe S.

Sooo…funny! Yes, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, her tent pitching skills will come in handy for all those folks in just about every major Canadian city, who will or already are living in tents due to unemployment, unaffordable housing, the disabled, alcohol and drug addictions, Canadian Natives from reserves, Canadian youth and sadly our veterans. Sophie will find many of these tent cities under bridges, under highway overpasses, and wooded areas on the perimeters of many cities and towns. Camping in tents for these unfortunate Canadians is NOT a fun day in a ‘parks Canada’ camping site. There is nothing more hypocritical… Read more »


Good thing I read through the comments first, as you covered much of what I was going to post.

Judy evans

Re comment on Sophie Trudeau – We appreciate your updates, Spencer, because it helps us know what’s going on – things we don’t hear from the media. But we wince at personal attacks, especially on family members. We should learn from what’s going on in the States – the hatred expressed by the radical left to the conservative government especially against President Trump, his wife, his son, Mike Pense and his wife. If we now the Canadian conservatives begin to make personal attacks on family members of our radical left government, we become like them. And Spencer, if you are… Read more »

Frances Gruno

God in all Hid mercy also wants us to keep informed and do our part. This Liberal government is corrupt from the Ministers to the P.M. himself, so pretending their a loving family unit is just as dishonest. We must see & hear what’s going on in our country, react & act (on election night). So please Spencer keep letting us know what is going on. It’s important to hear that while our Vet’s need help, our homeless are treated like second class citizens while we open borders to illegals that we call refugees etc. Justin takes 12/13 personal days… Read more »


Agreed, that is one useless video. Also, that’s one small tent and a lot of relatively tall people. Realistically, it’s a pair of adults trying to put up a decent-sized tent (as can stand up in – at least at the centre) with the “help” of a brace of pre-schoolers.


Still with the GROPER Sophie ?



Maybe Sophie’s doing this because she thinks many Canadians are going to need to know how to do this as many will be full-time camping soon.
Sophie the playgirl and Justin the playboy.
Both love power and money and attention.
I still shake my head at those who voted for Trudeau.

Tommy Hawk

That is all too typical of individuals with their backgrounds – and even worse when the expense of making the video comes out of the pockets of those they feel are so incompetent — of course, the video is also an excuse for Sophie to exhibit her disdain of the ‘peasants.’

I said a long time ago that I suspect there is no wallpaper in their home, but only mirrors on the walls to satisfy their urge to ‘see themselves.’ How immature and embarrassing they truly are.


The Man of the House?

Body Language:
Justin Trudeau…& Sophie @ 11:57


Trevor Marr


Marcel Matte

Unfortunately for Sophie, her husband has damaged Canada so much, pretty much all sensible sane Canadians are pissed off beyond measure and have no patience for the globalists games the PM is playing. Sorry Sophie! Go back and tell your husband he was elected as a prime minister, not a traitor but he continues to function as a traitor so a new PM will be required in 2019.


O.k., no shots please, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this but: I don’t think it’s so bad. Yeah, it’s a plug for her. Yeah Parks Canada paid for this with our cash. But, there are so many Canadians that have probably never slept outside of a city. Perhaps the Turd should encourage (at the sharp end of a fire stick if necessary) all of his new friends currently flooding across our borders, to take some time and enjoy our great outdoors? In tents, in the wilderness, during mosquito/black fly/deer fly/horse fly/tick season? Sitting on a log, listening… Read more »

Chaz Martel

Thank you Sophie. Clearly, we have all been doing it wrong for all these years. What would we do without you?

Steve Vanden-Eykel

“I’d like to try camping for the first time, but I don’t know how to put up a tent. I know! I’ll ask the government!”


Looks like she had her 3 or so nanny’s helping them put up the tent