WATCH: Johnny Manziel Throws 4 Interceptions In Nightmare CFL Starting Debut

It was brutal.

If Johnny Manziel and the Montreal Alouettes thought the transition from the NFL to the CFL would be easy for “Johnny Football,” it didn’t take long for reality to set in.

One throw in fact.

In his first pass as a Canadian Football League starter, Manziel was intercepted by the Hamilton Ticats.

It went downhill from there, as Manziel finished 11-for-20, with zero touchdowns, four interceptions and 104 yards passing.

The game wasn’t close at all, as the Ticats demolished Montreal 50-11.

Below, you can see ‘highlights’ from Manziel’s performance, and his reaction after the game.

In fairness to Manziel, it was his first CFL start, he’s barely practiced with the team, and the Alouettes were playing terribly even before he became the starter.

Still, it was a brutal performance, and it goes to show that the CFL is a tough league: Nobody can think that NFL experience automatically equals success in the CFL.

The only bright spot for the Als is that they can really only go up from here, and Manziel still has the physical ability to be a top quarterback if he can get everything else in place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube