Block All Sales Of Canadian Armoured Vehicles To Saudis, Buy Those Vehicles For Canada’s Military Instead

Cancel the Saudi deal, and build up our own military.

Saudi Arabia claims they don’t want any ‘interference’ from Canada, yet they were glad to buy a bunch of armoured vehicles manufactured in Canada.

Indeed, the $15 BILLION deal certainly represents substantial ‘interference,’ since those vehicles will be used for the internal suppression of Saudi dissidents, and in Saudi Arabia’s war with Yemen.

Of course, that’s not the kind of ‘interference’ they mind.

Yet, that deal clearly didn’t generate any goodwill for Canada, as Saudi Arabia is now going crazy after a tweet criticizing their human rights record.

The fact is the deal was a huge mistake from the beginning. The Harper Conservatives were dead wrong to let it happen, and the Trudeau Liberals were wrong to sign the export permit allowing it to go through.

Thankfully, that’s a mistake that can be reversed.

With many vehicles still not delivered, the Federal Government could easily block it, and that’s exactly what they should do. Additionally, they should issue a total ban on all weapon sales to Saudi Arabia.

The concern with that would be the potential job losses, but there is a simple solution there:

Buy those vehicles for the Canadian military.

The armoured vehicles would still be built, the jobs would still be created, and best of all, it would go towards building up Canada’s massively underfunded military – strengthening our national power and leverage – which is currently shockingly weak.

This would have a cost, but spending restraint in bureaucratic hiring would easily free up many billions of dollars that could be used to build up Canada’s armed forces, create jobs in Canada, and strengthen our domestic defence industry.

As I said on Twitter, we must become a stronger country militarily:

“If Canada actually built up our military, our defence industry wouldn’t be so desperate to sell weapons to the Saudis. Weakness at home has serious consequences. If we truly value our beautiful country, we must have the strength to defend it.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gary Hudson

The reason the Saudis are having Canadians build their armoured vehicles is to build good will so the east doesn’t buy their oil in Canada and shut off OPEC oil.

Wendy Lush

The trouble is, we really need that $15 billion, thanks to Trudeau’s bumbling and wastefulness.


Trudeau and Freeland will bumble this relationship too. Let’s contract out the work of givernment to Trump untile we can vote the Beavis and Butthead out next spring. Yes, I said spring. They will launch a sneeak attack hoping to catch us all snoozing after coming out of a long Canadian winter.




How about not selling any military weapons and vehicles to countries so they can turn around and use them on us? Yeah, I know sounds good but there is a lot of hidden reasons and agendas at work here. Such a mess.


Buy Those Vehicles For Canada’s Military Instead – because we are going to need them!! It is shameful what Trudeau has done for our military, its men and women and our Veterans. The countries that Trudeau “thinks” he is helping will and are turning on us because they know we have the resources! Take over by Muslims/Islam, Saudi’s, or USA – you take your pick!! I would rather Trudeau get lost and see our country become great again!! Freeland and Trudeau have just started something big!!!

willem stolk

Are we considering a desert war in the near future and in need of desert designed vehicles.

Duke Magoo

Eventually, Turdoo will want to invade the conservative province of Saskatchewan who is giving Trudoo grief over his climate Barbie tax grab.

Southern Sask. is a dessert with a lot of wheat n stuff …. There be die hard conservatives there …. orcs they be.