Canada Must Retaliate Against Saudi Arabia, Not ‘Wait’ For ‘Specifics’

If the Trudeau government shows weakness now, other countries will disrespect Canada.

As Saudi Arabia continues escalating tensions with Canada – by rescinding the scholarships of Saudi students in Canada, cutting off new trade, kicking out our ambassador, and suspending flights, the Trudeau government has taken little action in response.

Aside from Chrystia Freeland saying Canada would keep standing up for human rights, the government claims they are waiting.

The CP reports that “Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says Ottawa will have to wait to hear more details from Saudi Arabia before it responds to the country’s decision to freeze new trade deals and expel Canada’s ambassador. Freeland says it’s “premature” to comment on the status of Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia or the economic consequences of the move, adding that she’s waiting for more specifics from the country.”

This makes Canada look weak.

There’s nothing to ‘wait’ for.

We already know the ‘specifics.’

Saudi Arabia has made their actions clear, and Canada must retaliate.

As I said earlier, that retaliation is simple:

  • Travel ban
  • Halt of all weapon sales
  • Ban on all imports of Saudi oil into Canada.

Canada should also order the closure of the Saudi embassy in Canada, and expel all Saudi diplomatic staff.

We should also investigate the serious problem of Saudi-funded Wahhabist extremist literature that has been brought into Canada and risks spreading the Islamist ideology.

And while retaliation is important for practical reasons, it is also important in terms of sending a message. Other countries are watching what’s happening, and while Canada often looks weak under this government, our country has tremendous potential strength.

Our GDP is far larger than Saudi Arabia’s, our population is larger, and our society is more advanced. Our potential economic and potential military power exceeds that of Saudi Arabia (note the emphasis on potential). We also have a gigantic amount of natural resources including oil, whereas Saudi Arabia has oil and nothing else.

Canada shouldn’t be taking any shit from Saudi Arabia, and ruthless retaliation is necessary to show that we won’t be pushed around or disrespected.

If the government fails to take strong retaliatory steps, other countries will challenge us and disrespect us, and things will spiral downwards.

Spencer Fernando