Canada Must Retaliate Against Saudi Arabia, Not ‘Wait’ For ‘Specifics’

If the Trudeau government shows weakness now, other countries will disrespect Canada.

As Saudi Arabia continues escalating tensions with Canada – by rescinding the scholarships of Saudi students in Canada, cutting off new trade, kicking out our ambassador, and suspending flights, the Trudeau government has taken little action in response.

Aside from Chrystia Freeland saying Canada would keep standing up for human rights, the government claims they are waiting.

The CP reports that “Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says Ottawa will have to wait to hear more details from Saudi Arabia before it responds to the country’s decision to freeze new trade deals and expel Canada’s ambassador. Freeland says it’s “premature” to comment on the status of Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia or the economic consequences of the move, adding that she’s waiting for more specifics from the country.”

This makes Canada look weak.

There’s nothing to ‘wait’ for.

We already know the ‘specifics.’

Saudi Arabia has made their actions clear, and Canada must retaliate.

As I said earlier, that retaliation is simple:

  • Travel ban
  • Halt of all weapon sales
  • Ban on all imports of Saudi oil into Canada.

Canada should also order the closure of the Saudi embassy in Canada, and expel all Saudi diplomatic staff.

We should also investigate the serious problem of Saudi-funded Wahhabist extremist literature that has been brought into Canada and risks spreading the Islamist ideology.

And while retaliation is important for practical reasons, it is also important in terms of sending a message. Other countries are watching what’s happening, and while Canada often looks weak under this government, our country has tremendous potential strength.

Our GDP is far larger than Saudi Arabia’s, our population is larger, and our society is more advanced. Our potential economic and potential military power exceeds that of Saudi Arabia (note the emphasis on potential). We also have a gigantic amount of natural resources including oil, whereas Saudi Arabia has oil and nothing else.

Canada shouldn’t be taking any shit from Saudi Arabia, and ruthless retaliation is necessary to show that we won’t be pushed around or disrespected.

If the government fails to take strong retaliatory steps, other countries will challenge us and disrespect us, and things will spiral downwards.

Spencer Fernando

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Jodi R.

It is my opinion that the Liberal government is a yappy, neutered Chihuahua and should have never started this dog fight because they’re bark is worse than their bite. Plain and simple, the Liberals were virtue signaling to earn Canadian votes. There are proper diplomatic channels to use when addressing human rights issues, and Twitter is not one of them. As Conservatives we need to sit back and let the Liberal’s sink deeper into their mismanagement of our country, and not provide them with the solutions to dig themselves out, after all, we don’t want them re-elected in 2019, right?… Read more »


I’m not sure why this has got blown out of proportion but this is the first article by Spencer Fernando that I disagree with. Canada has no right to try to force our policies on other countries…it’s bad enough they are being forced down our own throats. Canada has criticized Saudi human rights numerous times in the past……is their more to this scenario than a tweet?

Sewer Rat

If you are waiting for the trudeau government to “look strong”, then you are going to be waiting a while. I’m surprised justhine isn’t already kneeling at the kings feet.
But while you are all waiting for jihadi justhine to do something positive for Cannuckistan, there’s some awesome surfing to do here in Alberta.

Ralph Knapp

I don’t think the Boy would kneel at his feet unless it’s behind the guy with the lips pressed to the nethers.

Wendy Lush

Once again the Trudeau government has screwed up big time with a single tweet.


Canada has been bringing all the problems of the world here at taxpayer expense and wants to keep all the barbaric practices they bring in, so who are we to criticize another country, when we seem to have a government trying to copy them. We with this fake puppet government are the worlds clowns and silly dramas. They are weak and bringing us down already, they may think they look strong and heroic and some people who are Liberal ( and do not know they are long gone and now are fake puppet LIEberals but support them anyway) and don’t… Read more »

don morris

Yes, BUT, Trudeau depends on the Muslim vote to stay in Office.Should he po Saudi Arabia,much of that support will melt away,and there’s nothing a Liberal fears more than a po’ed voting block. The world already considers Canada weak and a laughing stock from our various screwed up non-trade deals,and they are watching Trump thrash Trudeau’s JV team every day. We garner little if any respect on the world stage at this point, and it will only get worse. Trudeau is used to people fawning all over him his entire life, he is not and never will be capable of… Read more »


Spot on!


Trudeau and the libs, like the corrupt Obama administration, side with Iran.

Very different animal than Saudi Arabia.

There is a much bigger picture here than most people realize. Canada is in the wrong.

John Trainor

Its no different than tieing free trade agreement with demands for concessions to sexual orientation and work environment……Trump told them to get a life…..which they won’t. Meantime, US and Mexico are inking a deal and our whirling dirvish ninnie is marching in a gay parade in Vancouver.


I’d like to know what else was said by the groper & his ilk. There must be more than just asking to have someone released from SA. It’s amazing how so many think the libs should be supported. They made this mess on the world stage by showing their incompetence. Let them continue on with the destruction they are causing. It will show the liberal idiots just how utterly stupid they were for falling for the propaganda the left media was pushing. The more they can prove their incompetence the better. Libs will be reduced to a 1 or 2… Read more »


Spencer – certainly Canada has to be strong and act decisively. I think we should totally ban the import of Saudi oil. So the East Coast and Quebec feel the pain; they have to be told it’s for the “greater good”. If they grovel abjectly enough, we Westerners might consider sending tanker trains down their way.

David MacKAY

Spencer this Saudi Treatment of Canada is much bigger than just the Human rights matter. They have tried to talk to Canada but do not get anywhere. Canada is coming across as a pro Iranian member of the military industrial complex but without any bite. Canada is selling weaponry to Saudi Arabia and sending millions in aid to Iranian sponsored Yemen that is at war with Saudi Arabia. Sunni Saudi Arabia sees this as aiding Shiite Iran. Trudeau is bringing to Canada the bogus Whitehats – they are Shiite terrorist affiliated. Saudi Arabia sees this as Aiding Shiite Iran. Trudeau… Read more »


David Mackay, you are the first person, I have heard, who seems to know what these Rohinga refugees are about, according to info I have read years ago about Myanmar these Rohinga people killed whole villages in Myanmar, and then assumed the murdered peoples identity and were all not even from Myanmar, the original Myanmar Muslims got along well with the Buhddist but now all this info is gone, can not find it anywhere. These are people that we really do not need in Canada, but we do not have that choice, Hope they set up camp next to Trudeau’s… Read more »

Moe S.

Again, well stated. Agree with your comments 100%.

alan skelhorne

well spencer, i do believe you just got beaten up over this article. really spencer i have the highest respect for you and your articles, but this today, sorry not buying it. anything this idiotic government does or says is a mistake. these people should be out of here now, not in october of 2019. really spencer, lets get back on track.


Chrystia Freeland saying Canada would keep standing up for human rights, and sticking her nose into another country’s affairs is just setting Canada up for retaliation. Trudeau and Freeland should concern themselves with what is going on here in Canada, we have enough problems here at home with human rights, invasion of refugees/illegals, stop the nations within a nation (have all people be Canadian and contribute instead of taking and demanding – no one is first or superior and do not deserve special group privileges), a debt load that will take generations to clear, economy that is slacking, jobs being… Read more »