Delusional: McKenna Still Claims Canada Will Meet Arbitrary Paris Accord Targets

Not gonna happen.

With Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals cutting the carbon tax for big businesses (though still imposing the full cost on Canadian families and small businesses), it seemed that a tiny bit of reality had seeped into the thought process of the federal government.


Catherine McKenna is now claiming – against all the evidence – that Canada will somehow meet the Paris Climate targets.

When asked about the changes to the carbon tax, McKenna told CBC’s The House that “It won’t have an impact.”

Here’s why that’s so delusional.

First of all, the whole reason the Trudeau government said we needed the carbon tax was to reduce emissions. That means they believe (or are at least claiming to believe), that a higher carbon tax equals a larger reduction in emissions. Following that ‘logic,’ a smaller carbon tax means a smaller reduction in emissions.

However, Canada is on track to miss the Paris climate targets (which our country should be ignoring anyway) by nearly 100 billion tonnes.

And in 2017, Canada’s emissions went up by almost 20 billion tonnes.

So, even under the previous Trudeau carbon tax, Canada was certainly going to miss the Paris targets. How in the world would a slightly less punishing (though still terrible) carbon tax make meeting those targets possible?

McKenna is living in a fantasy world devoid of facts.

She can’t bring herself to admit that the carbon tax is an economically damaging tax grab, and she won’t admit that the Paris Climate Accord targets are unreachable. In fact, the Paris Accord is really about transferring wealth from North America and Europe to countries like China – since China would get to keep increasing emissions while countries like Canada would have to devastate our economies to meet the targets.

Just like McKenna and Trudeau, the Paris Climate Accord is impossible to take seriously once you see it in action.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Climate Barbie’s a total idiot. CO2 is NOT pollution; it’s plant food. And the increase in same is leading to a greening of the planet. Further, electrical energy is NOT necessary green; it’s greenness very much depends upon its source. It is, however – at the end user – clean energy. And I hear the latest problem with solar panels on housing is that they can become overheated and spontaneously combust.

Ivan Hawkes

Like so many LIEberals, she is living in some kind of fantasy la la land. Devoid of common sense, irresponsible and arrogant, she looks DOWN upon the people of Canada from her golden cloud of superiority. “Those peasants don’t understand my form of higher thinking” she rattles around in her hollow little head.


Carbon Taxes have never been very effective in reducing carbon. People are a carbon entity so why are they not taxing every new born? People pollute, more people more pollution.


Three myths:
1) The Sasquatch.
2) A Leftist peace group.
3) A Liberal with a positive IQ.

Ralph Knapp

This government has been going down hill since day one and are now falling off an abyss. Anyone surprised?


The Liberals impose taxes on us and business, discounting the fact that many corporations have gone to China and Asia for production that uses energy production from coal. Hello are we stupid, we are losing jobs to lessen the output of carbon by sending it to countries that create more pollution than anyone can imagine because they don’t have any laws for clean air. At least we have laws and the ability to reduce the pollution. Trump has it right while Canada stumbles around with liberal ideology. Time for change a long time ago and bring back Christmas while you’re… Read more »