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Diane DiFlorio

Disturbing is an understatement. I wonder if we will hear about this on our wonderful nightly news…. ha


Trudeau HAS ALREADY invited danger by allowing ISIS AND TERRORISTS who committed crime against the country to remain in Canada instead of rescinding their citizenship and deporting them. So, what can Jihadi Trudeau say and do to Saudi Arabia when he himself has no interest in Canadian human rights in Canada from the act of terror and Sharia Law. That’s right, Jihadi Trudeau is already scaring the nation with his radicalism. Donald Trump was in Saudi Arabia where he mentioned ‘women rights and treatment of women by the Saudis and look, nothing happened to him, Donald, nor did the Saudi… Read more »

Marcel Matte

Good points! But where did the challenge to any Saudi human rights violations come from – Trudeau or a 3rd party NGO or human rights group?


Apparently there were tweets from “Foreign Policy CAN” (whoever they are but apparently they are our official foreign policy account), and our Foreign Minister Chrysta Freeland. Had also heard there was a similar tweet from the Canadian Embassy in SA, but can’t confirm that.

Dave French

JEN… Saudis know Trudeau is a coward, wimp, traitor +++ and JT does NOT have a back-bone. He is a disgusting low life POS & despised by the majority of Canadians.

Griffin Walker

This whole story sounds off. First of all this couple were working against the Saudi regime. When threatened they fled to Canada as refugee’s. They were given Canadian citizenship within 1 year, above others who have waited years. Then there is the Saudi 6 billion dollar investment in Canada. What did they invest in ? Why did the husband go back, knowing full well the danger of being arrested ? Who is bankrolling them? Trudeau is buddies with the Saudi prince, they worked together on the UN initiative. The 2 tweets from Freeman aren’t worth 6 what did the… Read more »


The Lieberals have brought in an army to help them destroy our country or at least get an internal war and fighting going in Canada, stopped all the oil and gas pipelines that they could, so we remain dependent on foreign oil, let our military and police rundown so no internal support or protection. The foreign run Lieberal/NDP are UN Canadian and hate Canadians, divided us all up, best as they could with their fake news and lying with dog and pony shows, made us the embarrassed pot head laughing stock around the world. Why not send us a threat… Read more »

don morris

With the recent threat to our beloved CN Tower, symbol of all that is good about Canada, and in the center of the known universe, Toronto the Good, the only thing to do is increase the guard around our Prime Minister.

Sure, put a couple of militia at ground level at the Tower, without bullets in case they get excited and shoot some innocent person, but above all, protect our Prime Minister!!


Oh but what will the groper boy have to say about this? His favorite people are threatening the country. When will people, especially those on the left FINALLY start to connect the dots???


That vidro has a sinister feel. Why the pic of JFK? What does the video say?


Guess we now know why Trudouche has been getting CF18 fighter jert escorts and why he is hiding in the woods of BC. Has no interest in protecting Canadians or letting them know what is really going but he will make sure he is well protected. If course now that he has pissed off the States we cant take a hard stand against Saudi Arabia as we have no one to stand up for us. Man i miss Harper, a real leader.

JP Vanden Heuvel

There will be no trust of the Government of Canada until the Trudeau Liberals are removed from the position of power and influence… We are utterly vulnerable to outside aggressors such as Saudi backed agents, or any other force against Canada and the West as long as the traitors Butts and Trudeau are given free reign… Which may appear paradoxical in the context of this incident but, truth of the matter is, Islamic ideology undermines any society or culture, Western or other, that values human freedom and dignity… Period.


Now’s the time to stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia ( and stop building military tanks for them).There are plenty of other suppliers until we can be self sufficient.


I agree with all of these post. A country that makes terrorists threats against us, and people are worried about losing money. Come on your building tanks for them while JT’s dancing around taking selfies. Build the weapons for our protection not to be used against us. We also have oil here in our country why the hell is it bought from foreign countries? It is all about money the only worry but Trudeau is just giving it away like it doesn’t matter. Help out your own country before others dumb a**. JT is splitting us up look at all… Read more »

Ann Harris

Trudeau is Obama 2.0