ESCALATION: Saudi Arabia To Suspend Flights To Canada Says FT Reporter

The suspension of flights will start August 13 reports Financial Times reporter Ahmed Al Omran.

Saudi Arabia has further escalated the conflict with Canada.

Financial Times reporter Ahmed Al Omran is reporting that the Saudis will be suspending all flights to Canada, beginning on August 13.

Here’s what Al Omran posted on Twitter:

“Saudi Airlines suspends flights to Canada starting August 13”

The Saudi regime (which is facing lawsuits from families who lost loved ones on 9/11) continues to go crazy following a tweet from Canada criticizing their unlawful treatment of human rights activists. Canada’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia has been ordered to leave the country, and all new trade has been halted.

Canada must retaliate.

Canada needs to retaliate immediately. The failure to retaliate will show weakness, and invite more countries to disrespect us.

Retaliation should consist of the following:

  • Travel ban
  • Halt of all weapon sales
  • Ban on all imports of Saudi oil into Canada.

The government must take strong action, or things will just get worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

The problem is, the current PM is out of his league in every aspect of this escalating dispute. Fancy socks and “um ah” won’t work here.

Dave Bainard

Why wait? Stop the flights now. Stop import of all islamic oil-Now.

Dave French

DAVE B…. YUP agree 100% with your comment.!!


Yippeee! A Saudi travel ban ! Evil Wahhabiism doesn’t belong in Canada.

Maryam McKinley

Stop all Saudi oil tankers from the St. Lawrence.

Daniel Mandel

Only and other reason we should start building our own refiners. Buying from them only makes the rich even richer.


Canada just needs a Canadian Government for Canada, 2019 is really proving to be too late to be rid of these traitors , foreign run puppets and the hate and destroy Canada agenda, these Lieberals even have our neighbors and friends against us.


I imagine a lot more countries think Canada is the worst Country, because of Trudeau. Trudeau has caused trouble with the United States because of his terrorist ties and his open borders policies. Now the liberals are sticking their noses in to other Countries culture and customs and ruining ours by bringing in people that don’t deserve to be here because they hate us.

Ron Voss

Saudi Arabia knows that Canada has a weenie feminist as its leader and preys on weakness. Wouid never attempt this with Trump. Disgraceful.

bob kelly

This is because justin was doing his virtue signalling about human rights and though Saudi arabia was a soft target, justin is so busy giving away our money and not growing Canada’s economy , this will become another obstruction of our attention to what the real problem is which is him cancelling those 3 pipelines and now we see how much oil we are buying and from mostly dictatorships that have no human rights I didn t see him speaking out about them . He is supporting them by buying oil from them, put that on your front page Spenser


I imagine a lot more Countries disrespects Canada, because of Trudeau and his corrupt liberal government always sticking their noses in other Countries businesses, went there is so many problems in Canada to be fixed, that the Liberals and Trudeau has caused. The United States won’t do business with Canada because of Trudeau’s ties with terrorists (ISIS)and sending money over to Countries that harbours terrorists, (Palestine) for one, and Trudeau’s open borders policies. Trudeau is making Canada a threat to Country that matter who will come to our defence if needed. No money for the Veterans or NATO. All I… Read more »


Perhaps the Liberal Government should stop meddling into the affairs of other Countries. Liberals should be looking at themselves in the mirror and realize how they have been Unlawfully treating True, Law Abiding, Hardworking Canadians. This Terrorist Loving, Traitorous Liberal Government has been Destroying Canadian Values and treating Canadians like we’re their servants. They fail to realize that they should be working for us. We do NOT and NEVER will work for Traitor Jihadi Justin and his band of Monkeys!

Phil Alexander

Maybe the Groper will lecture the Saudis on womens’ rights and tell them that they are superior to racist Canadians and are most welcome to cross our irregular border.

Moe S.

“Canada must retaliate.” Spencer, I can’t agree with you on this one. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmon is no dummy. He was once the youngest defence minister in the world, educated in Saudi and the U.S., has credentials Trudeau could only dream of having. Trudeau & Freeland are outta their league on this one. There’s more to this feud than meets the eye. Ironically, the Crown Prince is the driving force behind aggressive foreign policies to counter Iran. They accuse Iran of being the bank behind many terrorists. I would venture to say the Crown Prince is well aware of… Read more »


Trudeau is in way over his head – taking on KSA’s domestic issues? There’s something deeper going on here. KSA is working on more democracy, why this now?


There are likely things the Liberals are doing that they deliberately hide from Canadians. Where is the “investigative reporting” by our main stream media? Thank goodness Canada has Spencer, John Feldsted and the Rebel.

Take a close look at Kelowna based but a really good site. Comment yourself silly on all kinds of topics. You won’t get banned for life if you don’t grovel over Trudeau like CBC does.

Maryam McKinley

I have been extremely concerned about Raif Badawi for years and wondering what the hell we are doing about securing his release. Our “Diplomat of the Year” blew up NAFTA and Lighthizer has locked Canada out of negotiations because he can’t stand Freeland. Now, Freeland has unwisely used Twitter to embarrass the Saudis demanding the release of Badawi’s sister and others. Surely there is a better way to do this instead of Twitter… really?! Of course a backward patriarchal society like Saudi Arabia would be furious with a woman using a public medium like Twitter telling them what to do.… Read more »


While we’re at it … how about all Saudi students in Canada getting the heave ho. Canadian politicians are weak cowards in the face of a real enemy.


“Ban on all imports of Saudi oil into Canada.” Gosh, it would be nice to have Energy East up and running, now wouldn’t it?


Guess the east side of canada will want that pipeline now.


Good. Less problems for Canada………….maybe anti Saudi Arabia will replace Anti America in our muddy politics? No, that won’t happen…..but this sure shakes Trudeau’s smug superiority and globism agenda. I’m so waiting for Trudeau’s groveling, and tears. It’s probably all about the creepy Freeland yammering and clucking about feminism.