NFL Hall Of Famer Terrell Owens Works Out For Saskatchewan Roughriders

The 44-year-old Owens was just inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Terrell Owens, the highly successful and highly controversial NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver, has worked out for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

At age 44, Owens would be among the oldest players to ever play professional football, if the workout leads to a stint in the CFL.

The workout was at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

As noted by TSN, Roughriders head coach/GM Chris Jones said “He’s a physical presence and now it’s a matter of seeing if he’s in football shape. He and I are going to speak and see how he wants to handle it, because he has some football shape stuff he’s going to have to get into. He caught the football well today and he got in and out of his breaks decent, but football wise, he’s got a ways to go with his conditioning.”

Here’s video of Jones talking about the workout:

“I know I’m truly blessed and I can still play the game,” said Owens. “What I did out there today is just a small little snippet of what I can do. I just appreciate coach for the opportunity. I guess he wanted to assess and see where I am physically.”

Here’s a highlight from Owens’ workout:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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don morris

Great idea! If it helps with publicity for the CFL and creates some fan interest, go for it! Can’t hurt.

Now, maybe Montreal should see if they can talk Henry Burris out of the cushy job on TSN and come back to Q/B the Als for the rest of the season while Manziel sits on the sidelines and learns something about the CFL.