PHOTO: Here’s Where Canada’s Foreign Oil Comes From

It’s a total embarrassment that we import oil from other countries.

Many people are surprised to find out that Canada imports oil from foreign countries.

While much of that oil comes from the United States (which makes some sense considering our countries are right next to each other), much of it comes from many thousands of miles away, including from countries like Saudi Arabia.

This is because of our pathetically failed leaders who didn’t build up our refining and pipeline capacity, leaving much of Canada’s oil landlocked in the West.

Justin Trudeau’s decision to cancel the Energy East pipeline was a huge mistake and a huge missed opportunity, which left much of Canada reliant on foreign oil. In effect, Justin Trudeau kept Canada poorer and more vulnerable, while making foreign countries like the Saudis richer.

It’s an embarrassment for Canada – with all of our massive oil wealth – to be importing foreign oil. Below, you can see where that oil comes from:

Canada Foreign Oil

This must be brought to an end.

Canada needs full energy independence ASAP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Elaine Teichgraber

The liberals are a bunch of hypocrites when they preach “buy local” yet reward foreign countries with huge taxpayer payouts for a product we could be making $Billions on and supporting Canadians!

Mike Allan

How true Spencer. I really wish more people could here your words.Have you thought of SiriusXM radio to get your message out more.People like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity use it to get the conservative views out. I’m not sure if we have a Canadian voice like yours to fight CBC and other socialist libtards.Keep up the great work that informs us conservative voters.

Sewer Rat

I wholeheartedly agree with Mike. You should do it Spencer.


We do and it’s called The Rebel. He’s pretty straight forward and calls it for what it is.


Quebec city refines 270.000 Barrels of foreign oil a day.


Nigerian is blood oil, Saudi is death to infidel oil and on and on. Quebec supports and approves of Boko Haram in Nigeria, a Muslim based death and violence cult that has executed tens of thousands of Christians and burnt the Churches. Of course we hear almost nothing because Liberals and “peaceful” people might get offended. Saudi Arabia routinely beheads even their own Royal Family and holds millions of Asians literally in slavery.

This seems to be what the Trudeau cartel wants to support.


$14.4 BILLION every year and growing. EVERY YEAR. How many pipelines could be built, how many schools, MRI’s, hospitals, Seniors homes, doctors, mass transit, everything we need to have a good life. How about helping Northern Communities? Every reserve with it’s own sewer and clean water and solar power and Care Center.

Instead, give most to Muslim terrorists for blood oil. Another Liberal accomplishment.

Sewer Rat

Maybe if Alberta becomes a foreign country, we too could export our oil to Canada…. 😉


But Justin is soooo cute.


It’s simple. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Canada. It is his job to put Canada further in debt in order to control us. He has his orders from the cabal and they want us under heavy debt. He hands out money hand over fist. Where does the money come from. He picks up the phone and tells the mint to print more more. Then we pay the the money back to the cabal plus interest. Who do you think makes all the money. The cabal controlled Bank Of Canada. As all the other countries purchase gold to back… Read more »

Bruce Kidd

Thanks for the great info. There are so many people that do not understand money flow. Jurisdidictional revenue feeds an ever improving society , especially the social agenda types. The 1 % need to be allowed to get richer based on reinvestment in Canada. Not offshore hiding. This creates jobs , not handouts!

Ken (Kulak)

Now we know where the money comes from that funds the Canadian anti-oil development protestors.