REPORT: Jagmeet Singh Planning To Run In BC Byelection

Singh will run in the riding of Burnaby South.

It is being reported that NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will run in the Burnaby South seat being vacated by current NDP MP Kennedy Stewart.

Stewart is leaving Parliament to run for Vancouver mayor, meaning a byelection is upcoming.

The move is a risky one for Singh, as the NDP only won the seat by 547 votes over the Liberals in the 2015 election. And while the Liberals aren’t as popular as they were then, neither is the NDP, as Singh’s underwhelming leadership has led to a loss of support and serious fundraising struggles.

At this point though, Singh is facing mounting criticism for his lack of a seat in Parliament, and his poor handling of scandals including the Khalistani controversy. He needs to at least try and get a seat.

That said, Singh and the NDP may have one tactic that can improve their odds. They will likely campaign against the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, in an effort to siphon off left-wing votes from the Liberals. Singh is so desperate for a win that he’s likely to throw the Canadian oil industry under the bus for a few votes in the byelection, even though it will further brand him as a radical far-leftist in the eyes of the majority of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Garbage human being


Spencer, who will be the Conservative Candidate in this by election?? I know that Conservatives are in favour of building the Pipeline, and many B.C. Residents are against this. However, whoever the Conservative Candidate will be, he does not have to follow party line on every issue. He has to do what the Majority of B.C. residents want, and if the Conservatives will have a Candidate running and promising B.C. residents that he will abide by their wishes, I don’t see how we can’t have a Conservative win this by election! After all, both the Liberals and the NDP have… Read more »

Les H.

Singh would be Trudeau doubled down. He is a full on Communist and will play the ethnic card too in an election campaign and later in power as PM (which will not happen). The fact that he has not yet run in a by election is telling. Our soyboy Trudeau has already been likely the most destructive PM in our history, imagine Commie Singh as PM? I SHUDDER THE THOUGHT!!! OBTW to any haterz, for many years of my adult life I often voted for NDP politicians, not always, but regretfully now enough many times. But in my defense the… Read more »

don morris

I vehemently disagree with the practice of parachuting candidates into a Riding, and I don’t care which Party does it.It is completely undemocratic, the local people must be allowed to choose their candidate, not someone in far off Ottawa. It’s indicative of the closed shop club Parliament has become when NO government has ever tabled legislation to prevent this travesty. It’s also indicative of what a sham is the concept of democracy in Canada. It’s just theater for the dumbed down masses. I hope Jagmeet gets his a$$ kicked in this byelection and has to turn to another Riding, hopefully… Read more »

Ron Werner

Good chance for the PCs to step it up