REPORT: Muslim World League Sides With Saudi Arabia, Condemns Canada

It’s not a big surprise, since the organization is based in Saudi Arabia.

Continuing the hysterical overreaction of the Saudi regime to a Canadian tweet, the Saudi-based Muslim World League sided with the Saudi regime and condemned Canada.

As noted by (which pushes Saudi state propaganda), the Muslim World League issued a statement which said in part “the Kingdom was governed by its constitution, regulations and legal processes which were widely known, much like the legal systems of other countries.”

“It stressed Saudi Arabia’s right to take a firm stand towards the “outrageous and unprecedented diplomatic failure,” of Canada. Saudi Arabia, the statement added, was characterized by the enforcement of Islamic law, and that it was wrong for people to compromise this.”

Of course, ‘Islamic Law’ in Saudi Arabia has meant the horrendous mistreatment of women, religious minorities (Christians can be jailed and even tortured for trying to spread Christianity) and any independent-minded people in the country.

There is quite an irony in all of this, as Justin Trudeau has demonized anyone who criticizes Islamism, yet a ruthless Islamist dictatorship is now condemning Canada. Perhaps Trudeau and the Liberals will start waking up to the fact that Western Values and Islamist extremism are diametrically opposed forces and cannot be reconciled.

Spencer Fernando

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Wendy Lush

If Saudi Arabia wants to remove their 12,000 students from Canada, then great get them out; I am not comfortable with them here on Canadian soil, given the current situation – especially after Danforth. These people are loyal to their country and culture, and remember bin Laden and 15 of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia.


If they were actual spies/operatives/terorists then the government would not likely recall them. On the other hand my back of the envelop calculations suggest we’ll probably close to two billion that these students would have brought in. Money wish we desperately need now that the little potato has wrecked our trade, our oil industry, and investment in our country.

Ann Harris

Perhaps you might want to tell Trudeau to stop bringing them into Canada in the first place. We didn’t ask for 25,000 or more to be brought to Canada. Nor did we ask Trudeau to leave our borders open.
Trudeau wants Canada to be a globalist nation which means NO BORDERS. AND No more sovereign Canada.


$23 million quietly given to the NCCM to promote hatred of infidels didn’t get Trudeau in favor with Muslim terrorists overseas. $10.5 to Khadr the ISIS killer didn’t do much except promote the idea that terrorism pays $10.5 million.

These stupid Liberals think that the whole world should listen to their babbling and do as Trudeau damn well tells them. He preaches whenever he can. Arrogant elitist selfies.

Ann Harris

You’re damn right!
That’s the ‘dic ‘tater’ you speak of.
Canada doesn’t deserve this ignorant POS for leader.
Somebody needs to tell Trudeau “charity begins at home”.

James Stewart

perhaps Trudeau will quit sucking up to the Muslims in Canada and start to see that their culture is not congruent with Canadian values.

Ann Harris

He prefers Islamic values to Canadian values.


Why don’t we mind our own business which is lacking of attention…

David MacKAY

Saudi Arabia is not a ruthless Dictatorship nor is it a Democracy. Saudi Arabia is a Monarchy and a Muslim Theocracy in which the Saudi King enjoys Absolute rule for he and his people under the authority of the laws of the Muslim God. Canada statements are viewed as those of a transgressor of Muslim/Islamic Law – the Sharia. Ultimately this is a capital crime. We may call it a dictatorship whereas Muslims do not. Iran too is a Muslim Theocracy based on a one party system. Both hold power through the ruthless enforcement of Islamic Sharia Law. Canada’s offense… Read more »

Moe S.

David, your comments back-up my opinion on this feud. Your last sentence spells it out loud & clear, “Saudi’s see Canada (it’s really about Trudeau) since 2015 as supportive of Iranian Shiite Islam.” The Crown Prince knows exactly Trudeau gov’t’s stance regarding Iran who is an enemy of Saudi Arabia.


Good observation, Moe. Trudeau has some bizarre affection for Iran and Islamic terrorists. His controllers, including Butts and the Sharia jihadists in the Liberal Caucus, are clearly a danger to Canada. Alghabra wants sharia law, Khalid wants M-103 to ban free speech, thought and opinion. Trudeau regularly prays and preaches in mosques which is specifically forbidden for infidels. That alone shows he is a radical Muslim, not a Christian.


Oh, this is all so delightful. Payback.However, I’m wondering what SA will do with it’s 75% of the old Wheat Board it owns? Are they going to sell their assets in Canada, or just let them collapse? This should be the great opportunity for Canada to encourage our own oil, our economy instead of SA’s economy, but Trudeau won’t. He is the green feminist and would rather buy oil from SA, and make weapons from them while our own military is a joke. Trudeau so reminds me of Obama.