Seamus O’Regan ‘Apologizes’ For Denigrating Canadian-Born Entrepreneurs

But at no point in the apology did O’Regan actually say “I’m sorry.”

After a gigantic backlash, Seamus O’Regan kind-of apologized for his easily debunked and incredibly dumb comment about immigrants being ‘better’ job creators than people born in Canada.

O’Regan had tweeted, “No, we just need more job creators. Immigrants are better at creating new businesses and new jobs than Canadian-born people. Simple.”

Not so simple.

As I explained, O’Regan’s tweet was easily debunked.

Yet, it wasn’t just that O’Regan was totally wrong on the facts. He was also denigrating Canadian-born entrepreneurs, trying to divide Canadians, and insulting millions of people in our country.

It was a disgraceful comment, and people were rightly outraged.

Now, O’Regan has kind-of apologized:

Seamus O'Regan 'Apology'

You probably noticed that nowhere in O’Regan’s ‘apology’ does he actually say “sorry.”

That makes this a ‘pseudo-apology,’ the kind often used by politicians to appear to be apologizing without actually doing so. It’s similar to the “mistakes were made” line.

The issue here is that Canadians can see through the BS. This wasn’t a mistake by O’Regan, it’s what he truly believes. It’s also what Justin Trudeau really believes. They constantly denigrate Canadian Citizens, put the interests of Canadian Citizens last, and view Canadian Citizens as nothing but a piggy bank to be exploited and betrayed by the government.

O’Regan’s half-hearted apology doesn’t do anything to change that fact. And the fact that he hasn’t deleted the Tweet, leaving the terrible sentiments still up on his account for all to see, says it all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube