Seamus O’Regan ‘Apologizes’ For Denigrating Canadian-Born Entrepreneurs

But at no point in the apology did O’Regan actually say “I’m sorry.”

After a gigantic backlash, Seamus O’Regan kind-of apologized for his easily debunked and incredibly dumb comment about immigrants being ‘better’ job creators than people born in Canada.

O’Regan had tweeted, “No, we just need more job creators. Immigrants are better at creating new businesses and new jobs than Canadian-born people. Simple.”

Not so simple.

As I explained, O’Regan’s tweet was easily debunked.

Yet, it wasn’t just that O’Regan was totally wrong on the facts. He was also denigrating Canadian-born entrepreneurs, trying to divide Canadians, and insulting millions of people in our country.

It was a disgraceful comment, and people were rightly outraged.

Now, O’Regan has kind-of apologized:

Seamus O'Regan 'Apology'

You probably noticed that nowhere in O’Regan’s ‘apology’ does he actually say “sorry.”

That makes this a ‘pseudo-apology,’ the kind often used by politicians to appear to be apologizing without actually doing so. It’s similar to the “mistakes were made” line.

The issue here is that Canadians can see through the BS. This wasn’t a mistake by O’Regan, it’s what he truly believes. It’s also what Justin Trudeau really believes. They constantly denigrate Canadian Citizens, put the interests of Canadian Citizens last, and view Canadian Citizens as nothing but a piggy bank to be exploited and betrayed by the government.

O’Regan’s half-hearted apology doesn’t do anything to change that fact. And the fact that he hasn’t deleted the Tweet, leaving the terrible sentiments still up on his account for all to see, says it all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Seamus O’Regan, this is NOT an apology. You stated what you, your Jihadi leader and all the rest of your Liberal un-Canadian Party believes. Canadians are sick and tired of all Lieberals, your love for Terrorists, Isis Returnees, Muslims, Islamists, and all your Illegals who have been Destroying our Values and Destroying our Country. True Canadians who have Worked Very Hard and are Continue to Work Very Hard to Continue to Build such a Once Wonderful Country is being Destroyed by your Exploitation and Betrayal. Enough is Enough!


Really, who are the total idiots who vote for these kind of people, they are very UN Canadian all of them. We need a Canadian government FOR Canada, not this destructive bunch of foreign controlled puppets following their foreign agendas, Canada was a great country and it will take a long time to fix it after we get rid of these ?peoplekind but not quite people. 2019


We will never fix it Canada is done, finish, game over we all paid no attention to the influx of immigrants in our politics, we now allow people to come to Canada and set up their own countries were they take all they can from us, but fight to be apart from Canada multiculturism will pull this country apart as soon as these people get power our western ways will be knock off one at a time.


Exactly, NancyW and Dale!


This brain dead doesn’t even know the difference between a legal immigrant and an illegal migrant. Amazing that he even gets a paycheque. Must be due to his affection for Trudeau’s Butts.

James Stewart

He learned from his master Trudeau. His apology for groping the young journalist was to blame all men, and then volunteer to lead us all to his enlightened feminism. no sorry no “I” – the Liberal apology playbook.

Alci B

This is not a government for the people of Canada , it’s a disgrace , a government body of elites pillagers .
Canadians are not respected but it has back fired , the government of Canada is not respected internationally.

Ken (Kulak)

This comment by a Liberal was not an error, but fits in with how they actually feel about Canada being a post national state. This bunch is the first anti-Canadian government we have ever had.


Meanwhile in other news illegal refugees walking into Canada in 2018 are up 146% from 2017. They call it self deportation. An immigrant is a person using lawful means to gain entrance to another country. Are you a Globalist or a Nationalist it is time to decide.

Sean Short

Justin apologized to everyone else with tears and selfies but not at all to Canadians (for such as calling us hateful, racist, Islamaphobes for the hijab hoax) or he apologizes to nationally established women but not those who have no “clout” when he gropes them so why should we ecpectore of an apology from one of his ministers?

alan skelhorne

nothing but a sham of course. this was okayed by trudeau, did anyone on here see his motorcade yesterday in bc. sickening for sure. this guy is so scared of his own shadow now.btw, he even praised allah yesterday at the pride parade, these people better wake up for when sharia law comes into effect,.