SIDELINED: While US & EU Reach Agreement, Canada Could Still Be Hit By Auto Tariffs

Canada remains on the outside looking in.

While the US and Mexico are meeting to discuss NAFTA without Canada at the table, there’s another way in which we’re being left out.

CNBC is reporting that “A handshake agreement between the United States and European Union reached in late July may have staved off the imposition of auto tariffs for German, French and Italian carmakers.”

But it’s not looking so good for Canada at the moment:

“Still, the White House is reserving the right to impose the tariffs on vehicles made in Canada, a senior administration official told CNBC on Friday. Ford, General Motors, Honda and Fiat Chrysler are among the automakers with operations in Canada.”

So, this is now the situation we’re facing: The US is making deals with Mexico and the EU, while Canada is on the sidelines. We’re on the outside looking in as decisions are made that could severely damage our economic future.

Once again, this is when we must remember how about a year ago the US wanted a quick NAFTA deal with Canada, so they could focus on their trade deficit with Mexico. The Trudeau government refused, talked about “solidarity” with Mexico, tried to put a bunch of pointless virtue-signalling into the agreement, and wasted a bunch of time. In that wasted time, the US and Mexico started working closer together, and the Trump Administration turned their anger towards Canada.

Trudeau’s refusal of a bilateral deal may turn out to have been a historically disastrous mistake.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube