VIDEO: Ford Government Bringing Buck-A-Beer Back Soon

Ford also promises price competition in Ontario’s beer market.

The Ford government is moving to fulfill another campaign promise.

Ford says Buck-A-Beer will be coming soon to Ontario.

He also says there will be price competition in the Ontario beer market, something that has been missing under the nanny-state big government approach of the former Liberal government.

Ford made the announcement in a video on International Beer Day:

“Happy International Beer Day! As promised, buck-a-beer is coming soon to Ontario, which will be great for beer fans and breweries across our province. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend responsibly with your beverage of choice.”

“We promised buck-a-beer, and we’re going to deliver for the people. Breweries and consumers should have the right to price competition in Ontario’s beer market. Coming soon to Ontario!”

This is another promise kept by the Ford government. They recognize that while the government has important things to do, running the beer industry isn’t one of those things. That should be left to the private sector, and all provinces in Canada should follow the lead of Ford and get the government out of the beer business.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I am absolutely proud of Doug Ford for everything that he has done for Ontarions in just a short period of time in government. He has delivered on most of his promises already! I love Doug Ford not being a pushover and will fight tooth and nail for Ontarions. I, however, am disappointed with “a buck a beer” idea. There are so many people on the streets asking for donations to purchase alcohol and this will just make it much easier for these alcoholics to drink. They can purchase a lot more beer with “a buck a beer”. Yes, we… Read more »


A buck a beer??? What inflation! When I was in college in BC a glass of beer was twenty cents. When I graduated it had gone up to twenty-five cents. A pack of smokes was thirty-eight cents in the store or forty-five cents out of the machine. Premium gas for my motorcycle was sixty cents a gallon. Back then only the Euro-frogs had liters.