NANOS POLL: More Canadians Willing To Consider Voting Conservative Than Liberal

Conservatives gaining more accessible voters.

A new Nanos poll shows that more Canadians are willing to consider voting Conservative than Liberal.

52.7% say they are willing to consider voting Conservative, while 49.8% are willing to vote Liberal.

Meanwhile, 40.6% are willing to consider the NDP. 27.8% say they would consider a vote for the Green party.

In terms of the top-line numbers, the Liberals are at 36.9%, while the Conservatives are at 36.6%. The NDP is at 17.8%, while the Greens are at 5.2%.

When it comes to who Canadians prefer as Prime Minister, 38.7% say Trudeau, while 27.7% say Scheer. Notably however, the gap between Trudeau and Scheer has been slowly narrowing. Over time, fewer and people say they prefer Trudeau, and more people say they prefer Scheer – though the movement in that direction has not been rapid.

The poll has even more bad news for Jagmeet Singh. A paltry 6.9% pick him as their top choice for PM, compared to 5.1% who pick May.

This Nanos poll shows two important things:

First, the Liberals are weakened compared to where they were in 2015.

And second, the Conservatives have an opportunity to win, but need Scheer to become more well-known and more popular to capitalize on that opportunity.

The closeness in both accessible voters and overall support makes it far more likely that the next campaign will be brutal, negative, and every vote and every seat will matter.

Spencer Fernando

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Sylvain Lamoureux

How can Canadians be so stupid and want the liberals? I’m a gay ex-liberal. I just cannot accept their narrative and their virtue signaling.

David MacKAY

Refreshing to saee how fractured the leftist vote has become


Scheer has to be in the news every day. Every day. There likely are Canadians who couldn’t pick Scheer out of a one person police lineup. He is so-so in Parliament but he lets Trudeau get away with non-answers. He should demand that the Speaker force Trudeau and the Liberals to give accurate and relevant responses or get out.

Just my opinion, but the next election is the Conservatives to lose. There are front bench Conservatives that would be better leaders. Michelle, Pierre, rait and others. We know Michelle Rempel better than Scheer.

Ben Eby

You are expressing the precise thoughts of many Canadians. We need someone with teeth to steer the loosey-goosey Conservative ship. They are practically MIA, except for Michelle, Pierre, Maxime and Stephen Harper. Mr. Scheer is a real nice guy and that is the problem….we do not need niceness when we are under attack by people with an agenda of stupidity and evil.

alan skelhorne

you do realise that the msm has to stay quiet on mr, scheer, trudeau has paid alot of money out these people. please always keep that in mind, as for the speaker of the house, really, this guy is so far left, that if a homerun could be counted, by hitting a foul ball over the stands down the line, yeppers we are in big trouble, if the people don,t get out n vote next year, i will take mr. scheer anytime over mr. prissypants in ottawa anytime.

Real Canadian

Scheer need to step down immediately. Conservatives need a real leader not a JT light.

alan skelhorne

wrong. we need a level headed statesman, where he will be respected like mr. harper was. did trudeau win the last election, not in a million years,. outside influence put him there, and if you don,t believe that, oh well c,est la vie.


I CANNOT believe the Numbers in this Nanos Poll! I know that we Cannot Possibly have that many Stupid Canadians to still vote for this inept Traitor and his Minion Liberal Party, who have been destroying this Once Wonderful Country. Who is Nanos Poll polling??

alan skelhorne

thats why its called a nanos poll always typical liberal. we won,t know the exact numbers until after the election.

Ben Eby

Shocking and stunning, that Trudeau has that much backing. We really are a nation of idiots, and socialist sympathizers, if the Nanos poll is factual.

Glen Aldridge

So just where are all these Trudeau & Liberal supporters hiding? They must have abandoned Facebook because you rarely see anyone claiming they support the choices Trudeau makes. If the Conservatives want to win the next election they could do it quite simply by listening to what Canadians want. – Our Country back, Our Money to go to Canada & not countries that spit in our faces, Our Laws to be respected, Our culture respected and above all STOP FUNDING Countries that abuse Human Rights.

John Lewis

I do not wish Canadians ill – that would be unChristian – but I gloat when they do wreck themselves. So they will vote Liberal until things are thoroughly messed up; then bring in the Conservatives for a term, to fix matters up. Then back to the sandbox.

Trudeau Sr.’s mess took a lot more than one term to fix. Jr.’s mess will take us a long long time. At least Pierre didn’t alienate us from our allies.

Tony M

Trudeau destroyed everything he touched. Not one chance in a million the Liberals have anywhere near 49%. Ontario and Quebec proved that – libs are totally defunct. Expect total destruction. Liberal party is finished across Canada. This is war; not politics. Canadians want justice. We want Trudeau and lib minions in prison. We want CBC defunded and held accountable for censorship and what amounts to treason and theft. We want the Governor General held accountable. We want carbon tax out and education revamped. We want an audit and accountability. Again… This is war – not politics… And we want an… Read more »