PATHETIC: Trudeau Gave $50 MILLION Of Our Taxpayer Dollars To The Palestinians. Then They Sided With Saudi Arabia & Condemned Us

Why the hell are we giving our money to people that hate and oppose us?

Once again, Justin Trudeau has let Canada get played like a fool.

As I recently reported, the Trudeau government gave $50 MILLION of our taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians.

“$12.65 million will go to the Palestinians through the United Nations and other ‘international organizations,’ while most of the rest will go towards other NGOs who will disperse the money.”

But did that get us any goodwill?


After relations between us and the Saudis broke down, the Palestinians sided with Saudi Arabia and condemned us:

As noted in a recent report, “Palestinian news agency Wafa reported on Monday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stands with Saudi Arabia in a political row with Canada, rejecting what it called Ottawa’s “blatant interference” in Riyadh’s internal affairs. He also called on the Arab countries to stand by the Kingdom to reject and condemn the Canadian intervention in its internal affairs.”

So, Justin Trudeau took $50 million away from the Canadian People, and gave it to the Palestinians, who then sided with our opponent and condemned us.

How stupid can a government possibly be?

Why the hell are we giving our money to people who hate us and oppose everything we stand for?

It’s a point that was made well by Alan Becirevic on Twitter:

“After Justin gives PA $50 million dollars they slam him. Another great financial move by Justin. That money could have been given to veterans. Hopefully he will stop importing oil and invest in our oil. But he doesn’t want Canada to prosper so”

Justin Trudeau is letting Canada be betrayed and weakened internally, while he gives away our wealth externally. The longer it goes on, the more danger Canada is in, and the more the world will laugh at us and take advantage of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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