READ: U.S. Issues Statement After Canada-Saudi Relations Collapse

Statement from the U.S. comes as Saudi Arabia lashes out at Canada.

Following Saudi Arabia’s massive overreaction to a Canadian tweet, the U.S. State Department has issued a statement.

The U.S. referred to both Canada and Saudi Arabia as “close partners,” and said “We have asked the Government of Saudi Arabia for additional information on the detention of several activists.”

Additionally, the statement said “We continue to encourage the Government of Saudi Arabia to respect due process and to publicize information on the status of legal cases.”

The U.S. also wants Saudi Arabia to publicize information on the legal cases against the jailed human rights advocates.

The full statement can be read below:

US Statement Canada Saudi

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Sean Short

Now that’s diplomacy, Barbie. Try this instead of tweeting our brains out.

Alci B

The American Government under President Trump are Fair , Professional , wise in handling these situations. Thank you for your help during this time of poor leadership in our country.


The strong USA again comes to our aid as a protector and friendly neighbor. Thank you USA again.
We are far away from perfect, as are all countries, and sitting at a table with our elbows in would make sense in this situation as we are weak, especially with this pretend government and depend on the USA.
I hope we all get to hear what really happened, as the little we are hearing does not make sense.


Hit the Saudi’s where it hurts ban its crude oil exports to Canada!

Wendy Lush

Meanwhile, Canadians would like to know where in the World is Waldo… uh Trudeau.
It’s one crisis after another and the PM has gone AWOL. If he can’t or won’t do the job of running the country properly, then he should resign, be fired or call an election.


The Liberal government boasts about being culturally sensitive but pulls “a bull in the China shop approach” with Saudis. Obviously done to ‘virtue signal’ the world again. This government is so inept that USA feels it necessary to come to our defence. US is probably concerned that Turbo Turdo will have a tantrum & sell more Canadian resources to China or cut some ludicrous deal with some other dictator. Now, if the Turdites under Turdo had approved the East West pipeline and the TMP a year or two ago we would be well on our way to energy self-sufficiency instead… Read more »

Robby Goose

Look at that. Our Big Brother to the South, stepping in for us because Justine Turdo is such a weakling.