REPORT: Serious Crimes Are Increasing Under The Trudeau Government

The crime severity index is on the rise.

The severity of crime in Canada is increasing under the Trudeau government.

The Crime Severity Index is a way to measure how serious reported crimes are. This can give a better idea of how bad crime really is, since the traditional crime rate may show a decrease in crime, but that decrease could be because there were fewer non-serious crimes, while more serious crimes could have increased.

And now, as the Trudeau government continues to take a softer (AKA weaker) approach to the ‘justice’ system, and as politically-correct mayors take crime-fighting tools away from the police, severe crime is rising in our country:

Take a look at the chart below from Stats Canada:

Statistics 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Crime severity index 7 8 9 68.78 66.72 70.14 71.71 72.87
Percent change in crime severity index 10 -8.82 -3.00 5.13 2.24 1.62
Violent crime severity index 11 73.88 70.52 75.07 76.55 80.26
Percent change in violent crime severity index 10 -9.76 -4.55 6.45 1.97 4.85
Non-violent crime severity index 12 66.79 65.20 68.19 69.80 70.04
Percent change in non-violent crime severity index 10 -8.43 -2.38 4.59 2.36 0.34
Youth crime severity index 13 14 66.21 61.03 61.30 61.21 63.32
Percent change in youth crime severity index 10 -14.37 -7.82 0.44 -0.15 3.45
Youth violent crime severity index 15 71.29 65.28 67.36 72.49 81.17
Percent change in youth violent crime severity index 10 -13.30 -8.43 3.19 7.62 11.97
Youth non-violent crime severity index 16 62.32 57.75 56.74 52.94 50.56
Percent change in youth non-violent crime severity index 10 -15.21 -7.33 -1.75 -6.70 -4.50
Weighted clearance rate17 41.00 40.47 39.35 39.55 39.49
Percent change in weighted clearance rate10 1.01 -1.29 -2.77 0.51 -0.15
Violent weighted clearance rate 63.12 64.14 62.72 63.48 62.86
Percent change in violent weighted clearance rate 10 1.28 1.62 -2.21 1.21 -0.98
Non-violent weighted clearance rate 32.10 31.16 29.99 30.12 29.87
Percent change in non-violent weighted clearance rate 10 1.23 -2.93 -3.75 0.43 -0.83

The numbers are quite clear: Violent crime is on the rise as the Trudeau government remains in power.

The Conservatives need to make this into an election issue. We are seeing across Canada – including in Canada’s largest city – that violence and danger is rising.

A mix of political-correctness, weakening of the laws, Islamist terrorism (which the corrupt elites refuse to acknowledge), is contributing to the crime surge, and we need leaders who are willing to crack down, toughen up the laws, and keep our communities safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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James Stewart

what do you expect from a soft on crime government like the Liberals. They give more support and protection to the criminals than the victims.


We are fifty (50) judges short, not being replaced, so a lot of crime just is let go, or cannot get to court in a timely manner so also let go. We had secular law here for the most part (old English common law, and in Quebec civil law) but Liberals/NDP have been weakening our laws and punishments, and our police and justice system to try and put human rights in place (really bad system) and now ? they threaten us with religious laws like Sharia law? which they criticize so badly when used in other countries, but seem to… Read more »

Norman Gadsby

You welcome criminals with open arms make Toronto a sanctuary city for criminals so guess what of course you have more serious crime


In Alberta rural crime has skyrocketed much more than these figures state. The home defender is charged in Canada because we have no castle laws and if they use a weapon to defend themselves they are charged with more serious offenses than the perpetrator. The problems in this country run deep and actually encourage this type of activity. There is an old saying “better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”. Yep, and he won’t be stealing anything else either. One has to assume the criminal will escalate any confrontation. Ottawa, you listening? Rural Canadians know that when… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau still refuses to place the safety and security of all Canadians ahead of his own socialist ideology.While Trudeau projects a false image of being compassionate and loving towards criminals, especially the violent ones; it sends a clear signal, that Trudeau fails to understand. That when criminals see a leader telling them not to worry about being prosecuted, they in turn just increase the level of criminality, knowing they will just get a slap on the wrist, if they get anything at all in the way of punishment. Canadians won’t stand for this and will make him pay the price… Read more »

Dave simetic

White collar crimes are out of control as nobody polices the elites!