SNEAKY: Saudi Arabia Caught Using Bots To Spread Leftist Anti-Canadian Propaganda

Using leftist terms like “cultural genocide” and talking about Quebec Separatism, the Saudi accounts tweeted the exact same message verbatim over and over again.

Saudi Arabia has been caught using bots to try and spread an anti-Canadian message using the same rhetoric utilized by the radical left.

The bots were first noticed by journalist Michael Colborne:

Here are the full screenshots of some of the Saudi bot account tweets:

Saudis use same propaganda as the radical left

It’s interesting to note that Saudi Arabia is using the same language to criticize Canada that’s used by the radical left. Yet, it’s not really a surprise. After all, many of the radical leftist groups that are trying to divide Canada and destroy our energy industry are funded by dubious foreign sources, and the Saudis certainly have a clear national interest in stopping Canada from fully developing our natural resources.

As I said on Twitter, we must not forgot that Saudi Arabia is our economic enemy:

“The stronger Canada’s energy industry is, the weaker Saudi Arabia becomes. That makes them an economic enemy. Canadians must never forget this. Energy East & more must be built!”

And when we see groups claiming to be ‘Canadian’ that are opposing our energy industry, there’s a good chance they’re really doing the bidding of our economic enemies like the Saudis.

Spencer Fernando

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