Trans Mountain Expansion To Go Way Over Budget, Take Extra Year To Finish

The cost to Canadian taxpayers has just gone up even more.

As many expected, the newly nationalized Trans Mountain pipeline is going to be way over budget.

Kinder Morgan says the pipeline expansion will cost an extra $1.9 billion.

It will also take another year to finish.

That’s what Kinder Morgan revealed in a filing with the U.S. Security & Exchange Commission.

The pipeline was supposed to cost $7.4 billion to build, but Kinder Morgan now says it will cost $9.3 billion.

Keep in mind, that’s in addition to the cost to Canadian taxpayers of just buying the existing pipeline, which was $4.5 billion.

Kinder Morgan now projects the pipeline will be done in December 2021, while the previous projection was for it to be done in December 2020.

So, the pipeline is taking a year longer, and the cost to taxpayers has surged.

This is the direct consequence of the Trudeau government’s failure to swiftly confront the BC NDP, and their refusal to deal with the foreign-funded radical-left extremist groups that are trying to destroy the Canadian energy industry.

Considering their damaging impact on the country, those groups are nothing but foreign-funded enemies of Canada, and Trudeau’s attempt to win them over and have it both ways on pipelines has been a total and pathetic failure.

Now, instead of having a pipeline that brought investment into Canada and was paid for by a private sector company, the Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for it all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Liberal insiders put in a request for their take?

Ralph Knapp

Yet another Trudeau disaster. However, the “good news” it is consistent with anything Trudeau decides is a good thing.


Does anyone really think this will be built, all the protesters are still being paid to keep protesting, BC still is in court trying to stop it, Lieberals still want to phase out oil and gas and support this climate change one world agenda, typically Lieberals can’t run our countries finances, how would they run a pipeline that no private company would want with all their lieberal red tape etc. So sad yet again.


KM cost increase: Stop and think a minute. Canadian oil exported to anywhere but the US will get world price – $20 more than we get from the US. The new KM line will let us sell 800,000 bbls a day to foreign customers. A little math: 800,000 x $20= $16,000,000 more – EVERY DAY. $1,000,000,000 /$16,000,000 = only 62.5 days of extra income to cover a billion dollars extra cost. The Liberal controlled media also conveniently ignore the fact that a pipeline company charges customers for transporting their products. That creates profit. At 62.5 days per billion, 9 billion… Read more »

Brian dougan

It certainly appears that Trudope–and the people pulling his strings–are intentionally trying to inflict serious damage to the Canadian economy. I can’t get inside their irrational; devious minds; so I can’t think of an answer to my question: H0w do any of his antics “benefit” anyone? Eventually there will be no country left for anti-Canadians/immigrants to exploit. Successive federal governments talk(ed) proudly about Canadian “sovereignty;” but we’re about as sovereign as a hill of beans. This country has no war-ready military. We’re essentially undefended; apart from the American military. Never has Canada been so weak; by any measure. Never.