Trudeau Government Increasing Spending On Housing For Illegal Border Crossers

The fraud against Canadian Citizens continues.

While many Canadians struggle in poverty, and while our Veterans are told they’re “asking for too much,” it seems that the Trudeau government is somehow able to find endless amounts of taxpayer money for illegal border crossers.

The Trudeau government had originally said they would pay for the costs of housing illegal border crossers until September 30th.

But now, it appears that the Trudeau government is going to be funding that housing indefinitely.

According to a recent report, the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Jean-Yves Duclos has said “So after Oct.1, as well as at any other time in the future, the federal government will be there to do its share and its part in providing the resources needed by the communities to address the hosting the housing of asylum seekers. We’ve done that in the past with Quebec, and we look forward to doing this with Ontario in the future.”

Take note that Duclos said “at any other time in the future…”

That’s an unlimited commitment – funded with our taxpayer dollars.

It’s a fraud upon the Canadian People.

It’s our money that the government is taking and spending on people who entered Canada in violation of the law.

And as you surely know, this will create even more of an incentive for people to cross illegally. Under the Trudeau government, people who cross illegally get to cut legal immigrants in line, get work permits, welfare payments, transport to their ‘preferred destination,’ free healthcare, the ability to bring more family members here, and now unlimited housing support.

It’s far more than what many Canadian Citizens get.

In effect, Canadian Citizens are having our money leeched away by the government and given to those who have shown no respect for Canada’s laws.

This is a betrayal of Canadians, and it represents our government being turned against the interests of our nation. The government is supposed to be serving our citizens, not those who illegally broke into our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

That TREASONOUS IMBECILE is sinking deeper and deeper into his stinking sewer!!! He must be forced out of office NOW!

Eleanor Merkus

a totally agree!!!! He has to go, and yesterday, if possible.

Monica Sp

Most of us would agree!! This government is corrupt to the core!! We’d like to see a full account of all monies being spent by our government as we have lost faith in our leaders!! Who asked us, the taxpayer, if we wanted more migrants & people crossing our borders?!! One only needs to research the migrant crisis in Sweden, Germany etc & watch the videos on this to see how this could end!! Horrendous!! You work for us, remember?!!! Your days are numbered!!!



Joseph Gamero

1,000 amens!


Trudeau and his foreign puppets are putting us in the sewer using our own money against us, and if we don’t pay our taxes to these treasonous fraudsters, they have the power to put us in debt even further, they must be removed from Canada and I think a Saudi Arabia prison would be the right place for them, so they can learn about what they are bringing into Canada that we do not want and since Sharia law will be enforced on them, not us, we just need to make sure they will never be allowed back in Canada… Read more »

Moe S.

Chrystia Freeland, Min. of Foreign Affairs last June gave a speech after receiving ‘diplomat of the year’ award at the Foreign Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. Media reports stated she gave ‘luminous quotes from Ronald Regans 1989 “shining city on the hill” a vision of a welcoming nation with open ports’. Translation, open borders. The Trudeau gov’t conveniently ignores Canadian citizens who are homeless and destitute. Trudeau promised to provide Native reserves without clean drinking water, 1.2 billion dollars to replace water filtration systems. No funds have materialized. All across Canada’s major cities are homeless veterans. Under the John St.… Read more »

Moe S.

Additional comment: the First Nation in the Gatineau River Valley 292 of the 592 homes in Kitigan Zibi can’t drink or cook with their tap water. The promise from the Federal gov’t was $2 billion in funding. Toronto Star, Aug 4th, “The $2 Billion question” by journalist Alex Ballingall Ottawa Bureau.


Let me list the Liberal party of Canada’s redeeming qualities:
I’ll have to get back to you on that!


Sorry all I can report is Crickets!


If some people illegally entered a simple movie theater, would the manager call them ill-regular patrons, show them a seat and give them a drink and popcorn? Or would they kick them out the door calling them illegals, break and enter criminals?
This Liberal Government lowered the standards for obtaining Canadian Citizenship and is lowering the standards of legal entry into Canada.


It is no longer worth talking with someone like Trudeau or his party. They clearly have no interest in Canadians or the laws of Canada. It may be already to late to save Canada as the opposition party still remains quiet and without action against this invasion from within and believe that you can talk to someone like Trudeau has already lost


Do we as Canadians have any path forward for Trudeau’s dismissal before the election. In one year he will have destroyed all of Canada.