A Clear Majority Of Canadians OPPOSE Selling Combat Vehicles To Saudi Arabia

Both the Liberals and Conservatives have ignored the will of the Canadian people.

With Saudi Arabia continuing to show zero respect for Canada through escalating actions against our country, it seems they still want the $15 billion worth of combat vehicles that we’re selling to them.

The deal was originally approved by the Harper government, and the Trudeau government agreed to give an export permit for the sale, meaning both the Conservatives and Liberals made the deal possible.

And yet, the Canadian People are heavily against it.

In September 2017, a Nanos Poll found that 64% of Canadians oppose the sale of the combat vehicles to the Saudi regime.

44% “opposed” the sales, while 20% “somewhat opposed” it.

Meanwhile, a mere 14% “support” the sales, and another 15% “somewhat support” it. 8% said they were “unsure.”

This makes perfect sense, since the majority of Canadians can see that Saudi Arabia is opposed to what Canada stands for, and is a nation we shouldn’t be arming.

Instead, we should be building up our own military.

Unfortunately, both the Conservatives and Liberals ignored the will of the Canadian People by allowing the sale to go through, which not only makes Saudi Arabia more powerful, but weakened our ability to stand up to them.

That’s why the sale must be reversed, the export permit revoked, and those combat vehicles instead purchased by the Canadian military. We need to listen to the voice of our citizens and strengthen our own country, instead of enabling the Saudi regime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter