Canada Must Cut Off All Ties With Saudi Arabia, Build Energy East, Expand Our Military

Canada must not back down. Instead, we must make our own country stronger.

Saudi Arabia continues to escalate their actions against Canada, in a clear attempt to make an example of us and stop other countries from criticizing the regime.

Now, some people in Canada, including both liberal and conservative members of the failed establishment elite, are saying that Canada should ‘apologize,’ or send a high-level representative to the Saudi capital to bring the dispute to an end.

Anyone saying that is 100% WRONG.

You can’t grovel to a ruthless Islamist regime, and you can’t show weakness. To do so would only put Saudi Arabia in a position of dominance over Canada, and would only encourage other nations to threaten us.

The solution instead is to hit back, and hit back harder.

With Saudi Arabia cutting off new investment and pulling their students out of Canada, our country should simply escalate things to the logical conclusion:

Cut off all ties with Saudi Arabia.

  • Ban all imports of Saudi oil into Canada.
  • Cut off all weapon sales to them.
  • Order all Saudi nationals to leave our country.
  • Ban Saudi investment into Canada.

At the same time we hit back, we must also make our own country stronger. The first step to doing that would be to get Energy East going again. That would push us closer to full energy independence, keep more wealth in our country, and make it easier to ignore countries like Saudi Arabia.

Second, the $15 billion contract for armoured vehicles should be blocked, and the federal government should purchase them for our own military. Our military is currently disastrously weak, and we need some big vehicle upgrades.

Of course, this goes against the thinking of the Canadian political establishment. They have repeatedly failed to bring full energy independence (though the Conservatives were moving in that direction), and they have failed to strengthen our military. The establishment has left us dangerously reliant on foreign countries, even though we have tremendous potential wealth and abundant resources right here at home.

From the grassroots up, Canadians must start to push for a new way of thinking that truly stands up for our country, builds our strength internally rather than externally, encourages national self-reliance, and never grovels or apologizes to countries like Saudi Arabia.

Spencer Fernando

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