DISGRACE: Trudeau Spent Our Tax Dollars Building A Road For The Jordanian Army. They Sided With Saudi Arabia Over Us

Another example of why spending our money on foreign countries is such a huge mistake.

As I reported in early January, the Trudeau government is wasting our taxpayer dollars building a road for the Jordanian Military.

The Trudeau Liberals committed to spending our money on the Jordanian road, without even knowing the cost:

“How much will this cost Canadian taxpayers? Who knows? DND says it doesn’t. “We are in the process of completing a detailed review of the road project, but have indicated our intent to the Jordanian Armed Forces to financially support their efforts to build and rehabilitate the road,” the DND noted in a statement. “We will announce the details of our contribution once the review is complete.”

What did Canada get in return?


Jordan wouldn’t even buy leftover tanks the government was trying to unload.

And now, they’ve taken Saudi Arabia’s side against Canada.

As reported by the Jordan Times, “Jordan supports Saudi Arabia rights’ in implementing its own laws and rejects any interference in its internal affairs, an official said on Tuesday. In a statement carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, State Minister for Media Affairs Jumana Ghunaimat stressed Jordan’s unaltered stance over the regional and international relation, which entails respecting the sovereignty of states. Ghunaimat underscored the right of Saudi Arabia to protect its national security, noting that the advanced reform measures being taken by the Saudi leadership to fulfill the aspirations of Saudis and serve the Islamic and Arab nations’ causes.”

This is why foreign aid and giving taxpayer dollars to foreign countries is such a big mistake. We get nothing in return, Canadian Citizens don’t benefit, and we just get played for suckers.

Keep our money in our own country.

Spencer Fernando

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