DISLOYALTY: Anti-Oil Sands Groups Must Be Investigated For Ties To Saudi Money

‘Canadian’ groups that oppose the oil sands are showing disloyalty to our country and are doing the bidding of countries like Saudi Arabia.

Many people have pointed out that the groups that attack the Canadian oil sands and try to destroy our energy industry never protest against Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, the US oil industry, Nigeria, Iran, or any other oil producing nations.

The groups focus exclusively on attacking Canadian oil, even though it’s by far the most ethical and environmentally responsible oil on the entire planet.

This raises the obvious question: Who are those groups really working for, and who is paying their bills?

As noted in this great article, the funding that goes to Tides – one of the biggest anti-oil sands organizations in the world – can’t be fully traced:

“The Tides Foundation and the Tides Center have weaved a complex web that stretches across North America. The most troubling fact is that a majority of Tides funding can’t be directly traced. Most of the donations and funds that go to Tides are filtered through the enterprises and subsidiary groups of various organizations and individual investors. To make its web even more complex and difficult to track is Tides’ strategy of creating several projects and advocacy groups with different names, different CEOs and different environmental directives. For good reason, some critics of Tides have referred to the organization as a massive money laundering operation.”

That means the money attacking the Canadian oil sands could really be coming from anywhere, and the Saudis certainly have shown a willingness to spend gigantic sums of money to influence other nations.

Beyond that, we need to look at the basic truth of this situation:

The more oil that Canada produces, the less powerful Saudi Arabia is. Since oil is really all they have, they are desperate to maintain their market position. So, they have a direct interest in weakening their oil producing competitors.

For example, Saudi Arabia clearly wants to see Iran’s government fall apart (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing overall – but for other reasons than what the Saudis want). Iranian instability means more oil profit for Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to Canada, if we can’t build pipelines, and if every energy industry project is strangled by opposition, it also means more oil profit for Saudi Arabia.

So, it would actually be a surprise if Saudi Arabia wasn’t funding anti-oil sands groups in Canada.

That’s why those groups must be fully investigated and held accountable. If they are serving foreign interests, then they are disloyal to Canada.

We cannot allow our nation to be subverted and weakened from the inside any longer.

Spencer Fernando

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