Justin Trudeau Doesn’t Want You To Watch This Video Of Chrystia Freeland Repeatedly Dodging Questions On Saudi Arabia Being Put On The UN Women’s Rights Commission

Freeland did everything except answer the question.

Canada’s fight with Saudi Arabia is a great opportunity for our country.

It’s an opportunity for us to fully distance ourselves from the Saudi regime, it’s an opportunity for us to move towards full energy independence and end our reliance on foreign sources of oil, and it’s an opportunity for us to focus on building up our own military.

But so far, the Trudeau Liberals seem totally unwilling to utilize those opportunities. Instead, they’ve been weak, refused to retaliate, and in some cases are trying to attack the Conservatives for not ‘backing up’ the government enough.

That’s why the Liberals probably don’t want you to see the video below where Conservative MP Garnett Genuis repeatedly asks Freeland whether Saudi Arabia being ‘elected’ to the United Nations Women’s Rights Commission is a good thing, or a bad thing:

Genuis’ question is as simple as it gets. “Good thing, or a bad thing?”

Yet Freeland refused to answer it. Over and over and over again. She tried talking about everything else, and then just ran out the clock to make sure the question wouldn’t get answered.

It should have been easy to say the obvious answer: “Bad thing.”

After all, Saudi Arabia treats women horrendously, so it’s absurd for them to be on a Women’s Rights Commission. (of course, the UN itself is increasingly absurd)

This is why the Trudeau Liberals have lost so much trust from Canadians. They’re posing as human rights heroes now, but that’s certainly not something they’ve done consistently.

If they want to actually have some credibility, they need to take clear retaliatory steps and show toughness. Otherwise, their words look empty.

Spencer Fernando

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Eric Blair

Did anyone notice Omar Algebra behind Freeland and his approving looks as she did not answer the question. This is the guy that delivered Trudeau all those Muslim votes.
Taking about the Oilers is pure deflection and in hockey terms she was just ragging the puck until the game (Question Period) was over.


How much longer must we tolerate the Deep State plant Trudeau the Clown and his happy followers? Isn’t there something we can do?
I believe I’ve signed at least 4 petitions to get his (its) a$$ resigned.
What is it going to take? Anyone know?


The Lieberals/NDP are now isolating Canada and the Canadian people, all the rude nosey radical virtue signalling, around the world at our expense, making Canada an enemy instead of a polite helpful friend – while being rude to Canadians in the country they are being paid to look after and not even protecting us or looking after our borders, being ok with female genital mutilation and honor killing being brought into Canada and forcing us to accept their racism against us Canadians putting us into way too much debt, and sending money all over the place ?maybe, or just more… Read more »


Canada you may not believe this or understand this but Trudeau being a Globalist just like Obama has surrendered OUR sovereignty to the UN, NWO and without a referendum. Therefore Trudeau IS a puppet PM controlled by this unstoppable, soon to be in control of the entire world, One World Gov’t. It has been slowly developing for the last 45-50 years. The world has been divided into 10 sections comprised of several nations. Canada, America and Mexico under NAFTA is an example of one section. The EU WITH NO BORDERS is another. 2000 was the year it was to have… Read more »

Ron Voss

There should be a contempt of parliament for such deflection and failure to answer questions.


Free land is a total hypocrite

Richard Courtemanche

I’m all for human rights but the world isn’t better because of them as we seem to experience. Look at the economic and employment impacts of Saudi’s actions! With due respect to all victims for the cause, there are places that aren’t hospitable and Western pressure isn’t what it used to be and they couldn’t care less about Canadian values.

Ralph Knapp

Why would most Canadians expect anything more from the arrogant, incompetent Minister Freeland?


How can Jihadi Justin speak on ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ when he himself has gone against it; against women as he accepts ISIS terrorists back into Canada who went overseas ‘to kill behead rape and enslaved women.’ He also supports keeping terrorists who plotted against Canada to stay in Canada and keep his citizenship.
Jihadi Trudeau has gone against the very essence of our democracy to welcome and enforce:M103, Sharia law, shutting down Free Speech and welcoming illegals terrorists, ISIS into our midst. Disregarding our safety and protection.


It’s like they have specialized training in answer avoidance. Don’t we pay them to answer our questions? Can you imagine them doing this in a private business? I can just see it: “When will this dress prototype be ready?” “I thank you for that question. We certainly would like to answer your question, and in doing so, will definitely provide the answer to this particular question. And when we do address the question, we will certainly like to move forward in answering the question in the manner we will provide in that answering scenario. Thank you.” You’d get fired in… Read more »

john wells

The Trudeau 50/50 plan…. “because it’s 2015” has failed Canadians miserably. Freeland and Mckenna are two most prominent females in the Liberal cabinet and both are perfect examples of incompetent egos, out of control. Trudeau bills himself as a feminist, the truth is one has to be female to be one. Gender issues are a major problem for this mixed up bunch.