Justin Trudeau Doesn’t Want You To Watch This Video Of Chrystia Freeland Repeatedly Dodging Questions On Saudi Arabia Being Put On The UN Women’s Rights Commission

Freeland did everything except answer the question.

Canada’s fight with Saudi Arabia is a great opportunity for our country.

It’s an opportunity for us to fully distance ourselves from the Saudi regime, it’s an opportunity for us to move towards full energy independence and end our reliance on foreign sources of oil, and it’s an opportunity for us to focus on building up our own military.

But so far, the Trudeau Liberals seem totally unwilling to utilize those opportunities. Instead, they’ve been weak, refused to retaliate, and in some cases are trying to attack the Conservatives for not ‘backing up’ the government enough.

That’s why the Liberals probably don’t want you to see the video below where Conservative MP Garnett Genuis repeatedly asks Freeland whether Saudi Arabia being ‘elected’ to the United Nations Women’s Rights Commission is a good thing, or a bad thing:

Genuis’ question is as simple as it gets. “Good thing, or a bad thing?”

Yet Freeland refused to answer it. Over and over and over again. She tried talking about everything else, and then just ran out the clock to make sure the question wouldn’t get answered.

It should have been easy to say the obvious answer: “Bad thing.”

After all, Saudi Arabia treats women horrendously, so it’s absurd for them to be on a Women’s Rights Commission. (of course, the UN itself is increasingly absurd)

This is why the Trudeau Liberals have lost so much trust from Canadians. They’re posing as human rights heroes now, but that’s certainly not something they’ve done consistently.

If they want to actually have some credibility, they need to take clear retaliatory steps and show toughness. Otherwise, their words look empty.

Spencer Fernando

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