VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Finally Responds To Saudi Arabia Fight, Fails To Announce Retaliation

The Trudeau government is showing weakness as Saudi Arabia continues escalating.

Justin Trudeau has finally responded to Saudi Arabia’s provocative escalation of tensions.

Speaking at an event in Montreal, Trudeau said the Chrystia Freeland “had a long conversation” with the Saudi foreign minister, and said “Canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private & in public on questions of human rights.”

Trudeau’s comments can be seen below:

While it’s good that Trudeau has finally commented, his lack of any tough response, and his lack of any announced retaliatory measures sends a message of weakness.

The government is letting Saudi Arabia continually escalate things while Trudeau & Freeland talk about “negotiations.”

Now is not the time for negotiating, is the time to retaliate with strength, cut off Saudi oil, cancel the arms deals, and make it clear to the world that we’re moving towards full energy independence. The failure to take those steps will only encourage more nations to challenge and disrespect us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter