Canada Still On Sidelines As US & Mexico Near Auto Deal On NAFTA

The US plans to use a deal with Mexico as leverage to force concessions from Trudeau.

The US & Mexico are nearing a deal on auto rules, as Canada remains on the sidelines of NAFTA negotiations.

Mexico’s economy minister Ildefonso Guajardo said “We are coming into a new meeting with a lot of work done through the night and reviewing if we are solving some of the remaining issues,” as he went to meet with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

Now, there are reports that a deal between the US & Mexico is quite close.

Meanwhile, Canada has been left out of the NAFTA talks for weeks.

And while the Trudeau government is trying to act like that’s not a problem, the truth is that Canada’s negotiating position appears to be weakening, as noted by the National Post:

“Canadian officials have suggested there is nothing unusual about the long stretch of bilateral negotiations excluding them, and are happy the other two countries have made progress. But Lighthizer told U.S. senators recently that he hoped to strike a deal with Mexico soon, then use that as leverage to win “compromises” from Canada that have not been forthcoming to date.”

Once again, Justin Trudeau’s decision to reject a potential bilateral deal with the US and instead stand in ‘solidarity’ with Mexico appears to have been a huge mistake that has made Canada much more vulnerable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube