Garbage: CBC Tries Linking Doug Ford To Toronto Floods

We’re forced to pay for this crap.

Canada’s state-controlled broadcaster often posts some pretty dumb stuff.

And this is among the dumbest:

“Ford government silent on climate change plan as experts predict more torrential rain, floods”


A photo of a half-submerged Toronto subway (obviously from the recent floods), then a line about Doug Ford not commenting on a ‘climate change plan’?

How pathetic and obvious can an attempt to demonize Ford get?

If that was posted by a private company, it would still be terrible, but it would at least be paid for by willing contributors. If you have your own website or newspaper, then write whatever you want.

But this garbage from CBC is funded from taxpayer dollars forcibly extracted from us. We don’t get a choice.

That’s what makes this such a disgrace.

The CBC is using our money to spread far-left propaganda, which is basically free advertising for the Liberals and the NDP. It’s part of the disadvantage Conservative parties in Canada face all the time. Not only do they have to fight against their actual political opponents, but they have to fight against much of the establishment media, including the CBC funded with our tax dollars.

That’s a big part of why websites like are growing fast, and it’s why more and more people are questioning why the CBC should get our money in the first place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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