HYPOCRITES: As They Disrespect Canada, Saudis Are Still Glad To Make Money Selling Us Oil

Saudi energy minister says oil sales not impacted by fight.

While the Saudis continue to show nothing but total disrespect for Canada, it seems their overreaction is matched only by their hypocrisy.

Saudi energy minister Khalid al-Falih says that oil sales from Saudi Arabia to Canada won’t be impacted, referring to a supposedly “firm and longstanding policy that is not influenced by political circumstances. The current diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada will not, in any way, impact Saudi Aramco’s relations with its customers in Canada.”

This is massively hypocritical.

The Saudis are talking a big game about blocking future trade, pulling their students out of the country, and kicked out our ambassador, but they still want our money from oil sales.

This is exactly why we need to cut off all Saudi oil imports into Canada.

If we let them treat us like garbage and then keep paying them for oil, we’re only making our own country look weak and spitting in the face of our Canadian energy industry.

Saudi imports can easily be replaced with oil from other countries while we build up our own capacity to be fully independent and self-reliant.

The very fact that the Saudis want to keep selling us oil is why we shouldn’t let them.

Spencer Fernando

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Agree with you there Spencer, we need to be using our own resources. Our fake puppet government is not making us any friends, with many countries around the world, Canuckistan is being laughed at, as our puppets destroy our once good country and take our Canadian human rights away.


I’m a pro-RAIF supporter. Very sadly, our government failed miserable in securing his release. When dealing with a foreign culture, one must understand the culture. Chrystia did all the wrong moves and thereby secured Raif’s full prison term. MbS is undertaking many positive reforms in his Kingdom and many more are planned for years to come. He wants to bring KSA into full modernity. This takes time and is a gradual process. If KSA submits to Canada’s pressure, you can be certain the Kingdom will undergo civil unrest and we all know where that leads. People are even talking about… Read more »


Of course they’re glad to keep making money off of Canada! But, really, Whom is it that is more stupid? Canada who is willing to keep paying them or the Saudis continuing to make money with no repercussions? They know we have no backbone, nor integrity, and that we are very weak and pathetic. I’m sure that most of the World see’s Canada that way, and they would be right! A bunch of brainwashed, bleeding hearts, complicit in our own demise!


Unfortunately Candace all you say is completely true, and it is somewhat of a relief to hear my thoughts repeated with others words. Trudeau likely will not move on this golden opportunity to use Canadian oil. He likes it when the energy industry is hurting and he wants to keep it that way.


They don’t need our money. They’re loaded in money. So much so they don’t know what to do with it. Stop and think: What would happen to us if KSA suspends its oil shipments? What would happen to KSA if they suspend their oil shipments to us? Answer: KSA has money flowing out of its ears. Us, well…, the price of oil skyrockets because of insufficiency and new contracts must be signed with other providers – This doesn’t happen overnight. Also New Brunwick’s refinery shuts down (Irving Oil and its shareholders). NOTE: KSA only has some 15 years of proven… Read more »

Sharon Maclise

Wow – this is a pretty dumb article. Why would they stop sending oil? They are being paid for their oil. They are benefitting from this. It is not their job to stop benefitting from their deal with us; it is Canada’s job, if they want to and are able to, to stop buying it. And if they want to be able to condemn the Saudis with a straight face. But that is not going to happen. And Canadians are too dumb to see that people in glass houses should not be so stupid as to throw stones so they… Read more »


Worst abusers of human rights, IMO: Pakistan followed by Iran and Turkey. Afterward all Islamic nations.

Pakistan is the worst. When the President of the Lahore Bar Association threatens to burn alive any lawyer that will defend a Christian girl, there is a problem.

When Turkey is the no. 1 country re imprisonment of its own reporters for not following Erdogan’s party line, there is a problem.

We’re targeting Saudi Arabia that would not suggest burning alive Infidels while ignoring all other Sharia-judiciary nations. What’s happening? Why has Saudi become the sudden target?

Do some research. Saudi Arabia is the

Joseph Rutkowski

HYPOCRITES: As they lecture Saudis, Trudeau government is glad to curb free speech in Canada in return for Muslim votes.