New England Patriots To Adjust Tom Brady’s Contract

$5 million in performance incentives to be added.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that a source has told him the New England Patriots will be adjusting the contract of reigning NFL MVP Tom Brady.

Brady is arguably the best player in the NFL, yet 21 players have bigger contracts than he does.

For comparison, Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan – who Brady beat in the Patriots epic Superbowl comeback win – gets paid twice as much with a $30 million per year contract, while Brady brings in $15 million.

While Brady has often been willing to accept less money to help the Patriots sign other top players, the gap in pay between Brady and other less successful QBs is noticable.

Now, Schefter says the Patriots will add $5 million in performance-based incentives:

“Patriots expected to make adjustments to Tom Brady’s contract, per source. Brady is scheduled to make $15 million – a bargain – and they will be adding a variety of performance-based incentives to bring him to closer to market – like what Pats did last year with TE Rob Gronkowski”

At 41, Brady continues to defy expectations for a QB of his age, and gives the Patriots a chance of making it to the Superbowl year after year.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It’s too much money for football, hockey, baseball, basketball… players.
What are they doing that is so special other than playing a sport they enjoy for a living?
IMHO: It’s immoral.