REPORT: Here’s Why Replacing Saudi Oil Would Be Incredibly Easy For Canada

Oil from the US could fill the gap while we get our own oil going east.

Judith Dwarkin – Chief Economist for RS Energy Group based in Calgarysays it would be easy for Canada to replace Saudi oil imports.

“The Saudis, if they choose to supply less to Canada, will divert those barrels, possibly to China, and U.S. barrels that would have gone to China, but are uncompetitive under Chinese tariffs, come to Canada. Basically, the cupboard gets rearranged.”

Canada gets just about 80,000 barrels per day from Saudi Arabia, while we ship $3.5 million barrels to the US everyday. All that’s missing are the pipelines (*cough* Energy East *cough*), to get our Canadian oil spread throughout our entire nation.

That’s why getting our oil from US while we move towards full energy independence is a no-brainer, and would be very easy. Unlike Saudi Arabia, the US has similar values to Canada, and there’s no need to ship anything overseas in that case.

Dwarkin’s comments make it even more disappointing that the Trudeau government hasn’t taken swift action to cut off all Saudi oil imports. We don’t need Saudi oil, and we shouldn’t be letting them insult our country while still buying their oil.

We need to stand up for our national pride, ban Saudi oil from entering our country, buy from the US in the interim, and become fully energy independent. Anything less represents the sad embrace of weakness, instead of moving towards strength.

Spencer Fernando

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It also makes more sense as the US is way closer so less pollution, but we need those pipelines in Canada, for way less pollution, and to keep jobs in Canada.


Your reasoning makes perfect sense Spencer, but like his father before him, Justin Trudeau is out to destroy Alberta.


SPENCER: I agree with you. We don’t need Saudi Arabia. Most things can be replaced nowadays. And especially when it’s a measly 80K barrels a day. However, it does help New Brunswick.

I agree with your solutions but they don’t occur overnight. It seems to me you went from highly logical to semi-illogical in the name of national pride. And we all know where ”pride” can lead us in times of wanting for vengeance.

P.S.: I noticed you aren’t addressing the impact of Chrystia’s statement on Saudi national stability.


“Canada Best Replace Saudi Oil Immediately”

Robin Chalmers

I actually think Justin Trudeau is the right politician to drive “Energy East”. He’s got the balls, just needs the resolve.


Which gas station sell Canadian gas?


Exactly if enough gas stations sold Canadian gas, and we Canadians would only buy there, all of the gas stations would only sell Canadian gas, or go bust. Are we Canadian? Do we want to cleanly develop our pipelines and become self sufficient? We need to get answers and get to work to clean up and save our country, since our foreign elected government is taking us down.


I can see Trudeau use this as an election issue to rally liberal support. Problem. reaction.solution. Hegelian Dialectic….don’t fall for it folks . He should be doing this dispite the Saudi effect. It’s another Alinsky tactic and play from Butts/Obama playbook.


Thanks, Spencer. Any speculation why we aren’t energy self sufficient? Who or what is holding this up, and why? I’d sure like to hear your thoughts……