REPORT: Ottawa Islamic Centre Stripped Of Charitable Status For Promotion Of “Hate & Intolerance”

One of the attendees at the Mosque is now in jail for having tried to join ISIS.

A number of disturbing guest speakers, and serious concerns over an attendee who was jailed for trying to join Islamic State, has led the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the charitable status of the Ottawa Islamic Centre.

Here’s what the CRA said about the Ottawa Islamic Centre Assalam Mosque:

“Many of the views expressed by the organization’s speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and/or promote violence.”

Additionally, according to Global News, “The CRA was also concerned that “radicalized individuals” had attended the mosque, one of whom, Ashton Larmond, is now imprisoned for attempting to join the so-called Islamic State.”

The CRA decision stripping the mosque of their charitable status took effect on July 14.

Here’s a key section a report on the CRA’s findings:

“The CRA documents (available below) singled out Abu Usamah At-thahabi, Bilal Philips, Hakkeem Quick and Saed Rageah — all of whom had spoken at the Ottawa mosque one or more times.

According to the CRA, At-thahabi has called women deficient, said Christians and Jews were enemies, spoke about throwing homosexuals off a mountain and said those who left the Islamic faith should be killed.

Philips has been denied entry to several countries and has been described as “anti-Semitic, intolerant and contrary to integration,” the CRA wrote.

In a video described in the CRA documents, Philips said Islam was opposed to terrorism but “does not shrink from using violence to gain some of its ends, to establish itself in certain areas/to gain control of Muslim lands.”

Quick had “advocated for the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to be liberated from the ‘filth’ of the Jews” and was condemned by the New Zealand Broadcasting Authority in 2004 for what was termed “hate speech” towards homosexuals, the CRA said.”

Disturbingly, the ‘charity’ claimed to support “a practice of Islam that was inclusive and aligned with Canadian values.” It seems they used the language they knew the government would want to hear, while doing something entirely different behind the scenes.

Liberals had been seen at the mosque in question for events, including Ontario Liberal MPP John Fraser, and Liberal MP David McGuinty – who is the head of Justin Trudeau’s National Security & Intelligence Committee.

A big problem across Canada

It’s good that the CRA has finally taken action. However, past reports on radicalization have made it clear that hate is being spread in mosques and Islamic schools throughout Canada – including mosques that have received money from Saudi Arabia to spread the horrendous Wahhabist ideology. So, it’s a bigger problem than just this one mosque.

That’s why a further investigation is needed, to make sure that the Canadian People are protected from the threat of Islamist hate and violence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Google Maps

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Assalam Mosque is only one of many that should be investigated. The CRA has to get serious about the radicalization and indoctrination of our children because the CRA has the ultimate power to put a huge dent into the hatred being spewed in our country!


YES. Islamic School kids go to mosque also to learn the Holy Qur’an (submit or kill non-followers of Mohamed).

I know of one mosque where they hit the kids with sticks when they forget a verse. I would say five witnesses. We can’t report it to the police because the complainant names will show up (too dangerous0.

And nobody knows what happens in the schools, except for mandatory curriculum.


I know of one mosque where they beat the kids with sticks when they forget their Qur’an verses. The lessons take place every Sunday. I have five witnesses but everybody is too scared to file a police complaint.

I tried filing a complaint. The problem is they want your name, address, phone number, which will ultimately be divulged to the mosque. And there’s an Islamic school next door to the mosque.

Leo Arbour

Wks Spencer Good Stuff Keep It UP

William J Mason

I wonder if Mr. Dressup will take up the effort to reverse this decision.
If that occurs I’m sure you will lets your fans know


Wow they just found out? They actually really have a “national security” and “intelligence committee”? really?? did they just find it?? But because now they are having trouble with Saudi Arabia they ??? found something, kind of?? Saudi Arabia supports this, we knew that years ago, but MPP’s and MP’s go there, so nothing was done till they started this Saudi Arabia bashing, amazing. The Lieberal/NDP false news media again today, must have over 15 articles criticising Saudi Arabia or the poor students here right before school starts etc. This was not there yet, that I saw, maybe it is… Read more »


YES. Few people catch on. What’s suddenly happening?
Raif, whom I support, has been in jail for a few years years and not a peep from our Federal Government until now.
Go take a look at the instigators of M-103 aka Iqra Khalid, Melanie Joly, Hedy Fry… Nothing.
Just Wow !! It’s as if everybody is distancing themselves from the government’s position. Very quiet…

Darrel Brewster

A further investigation by who…Trudeau that’s who…How do you think That will Work Out?

Elizabeth Thorne

Thank You Spencer for having the backbone to report the truth about the hate being promoted by the Imams in Canada–it has become a major problem.

Tommy Hawk

Rather than waste your time I will advise you now that this will end right here an now and whoever signed off on the decision to strip that Mosque of its charitable status will, more than likely, be either looking for another job or is in such trouble internally with the Liberal government that he/she will never find another job in Canada. There are ‘ways’ of warning others to ‘toe the line,’ whether or not you like it or want to or know you should not.’ They are referred to as: “The Liberal Ways which must be followed — or… Read more »

Phil Alexander

They are just following the Liberals lead. The Liberals make all sorts of popular promises during election periods. If they are elected they promote their big government, big spending ways and enact big, expensive, wasteful programs that were never mentioned, or denied during the prior election.
It is refreshing to see of all departments of way too many, Rev Canada doing what the so called leaders don’t have the guts to do.


I guess Trudeau will replace some CRA workers quite quickly. Trudeau’s Canada can’t denounce Islamic Centres.

Phil Alexander

He is probably tempted to send them to Saudi Arabia, if only he could find the right thing to wear. He’ll probably lecture/ talk down/embarrass them and somehow once again, blame Stephen Harper.


In light of the Saudi’s tweet flying a plane into the CN Tower the gov should seize all extremist mosques and expel all Imams suspected of of preaching extremism. Remember, we’re at war with those trying to establish Sharia law.

David Henley

in that case you need to arrest the entire liberal government.

Chris vrecko

Spencer, Brilliant! Best news I’very ad in a long time. NOW people let’s share the crap out of this. Thank you spencer.


Islamic schools are the most dangerous. I know something about that, much more than 99.99% of the population. One can infiltrate a mosque but not an Islamic school. Some Islamic schools get funding from our provincial governments – It’s well hidden and very difficult to get the info, ”voire” almost impossible. I also know something about that. And I can prove what I write or else I wouldn’t write it. I know of one school whose funding was suddenly refused but reinstated four years later to the tune of $175,000. Governments are hiding funding to Islamic schools. I wonder why.… Read more »


This is a mere drop in the bucket…. I sense that there’s another agenda in the works.


Not surprised. This problem is everywhere, in all countries worldwide.


If the Government actually took the time to investigate every Mosque, I think that they would all be closed down.


These mosques will call on their leader Jihadi Justin Trudeau to reinstate charitable status without our knowledge. What we see here is just a smokescreen.
Yes there are many mosques out there that preach hate against Jews and Christian. In fact, Trudeau prayed at a mosque that goes against Jews and Christians. So, don’t be surprise they call on their man jihadi Justin.

Wendy Lush

Out of curiosity, did JT ever attend or been invited to this mosque?

David Henley

Why is this even a question. Islamic teaching is filled with hate and oppression. It should be outlawed in Canada. People who have lived there are coming to Canada to escape yet this government is inviting the same culture here. No place safe for those that flee from this culture. They have put Canada at risk, the news media has taken a political side and no longer delivers news that the Canadian people can trust. The CRTC has taken the turn to side with the Liberals and there is no longer a conservative news outlet that is national. We have… Read more »

Barry Bateman

Exactly Spencer. No one in Canada should be allowed to council murder. The location does not matter.