SCHEER: “We Should Not Allow Political Correctness To Erase Our History”

Conservative Leader responds to Victoria politicians removing John A. Macdonald statue from city hall.

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer has responded to the move by Victoria’s mayor and other virtue-signalling politicians to remove a statute of John A. Macdonald from City Hall.

On Twitter, Scheer said “We should not allow political correctness to erase our history. We can look to the past, acknowledge and learn from mistakes, and celebrate achievements at the same time.”

Scheer is so far the only federal party leader who has stood up for Canada’s history against the crazy social justice warrior political correctness of the far left. And it’s almost certain he’ll be the only one who does, since both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh never seem to miss a chance to pander to the radicals.

Across much of the Western world, the radical left is attempting to erase and/or re-write history, replacing it with a version that only focuses on the negatives, while ignoring the positives. This is meant to destroy national pride, and stop citizens from standing up for the strength and dignity of their country.

That’s why it must be opposed, and Scheer’s pushback (as mild as it was), should be just the starting point for a fight against the danger of political correctness in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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