TOTAL WEAKNESS: Trudeau Government Says They’re “Not Considering Any Responses” To Saudi Arabia


The Trudeau government has now confirmed to the world that in the face of a challenge, they roll over and show total weakness.

Here’s what Bill Morneau said when asked if there would be any response from the Trudeau government to Saudi Arabia’s escalations:

“We’re paying close attention to this situation, of course, because we wanted to understand the impacts. We’re not considering any responses.”


The Trudeau government has now sent a message to the entire world that a country can go crazy over a tweet, kick out our ambassador, spread a photo hinting at a terrorist attack on the CN Tower, block future investment and trade, insult us, and more – all without facing any reprisals whatsoever.

This will have serious consequences.

Trudeau is already seen as weak, and now that weakness has reached new depths.

Other countries will realize that they can do whatever they want to us, say whatever they want to us, insult us, mistreat us, and treat us like garbage and get away with it.

How could we ever have any influence or leverage after this?

Even if the Trudeau government blundered with their original tweet, once Saudi Arabia escalated so hysterically, Canada had to respond in kind. Refusing to do so shows immense weakness and the Canadian People will pay the price for the pathetic cowardice of the Trudeau government for a long time to come.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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