TOTAL WEAKNESS: Trudeau Government Says They’re “Not Considering Any Responses” To Saudi Arabia


The Trudeau government has now confirmed to the world that in the face of a challenge, they roll over and show total weakness.

Here’s what Bill Morneau said when asked if there would be any response from the Trudeau government to Saudi Arabia’s escalations:

“We’re paying close attention to this situation, of course, because we wanted to understand the impacts. We’re not considering any responses.”


The Trudeau government has now sent a message to the entire world that a country can go crazy over a tweet, kick out our ambassador, spread a photo hinting at a terrorist attack on the CN Tower, block future investment and trade, insult us, and more – all without facing any reprisals whatsoever.

This will have serious consequences.

Trudeau is already seen as weak, and now that weakness has reached new depths.

Other countries will realize that they can do whatever they want to us, say whatever they want to us, insult us, mistreat us, and treat us like garbage and get away with it.

How could we ever have any influence or leverage after this?

Even if the Trudeau government blundered with their original tweet, once Saudi Arabia escalated so hysterically, Canada had to respond in kind. Refusing to do so shows immense weakness and the Canadian People will pay the price for the pathetic cowardice of the Trudeau government for a long time to come.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Every-time someone mentions that name, I ask: Justin who?


Cowards, you are a shame all of you and that includes butts. You will never win the next election.


You understood nothing.

We have a huge forested territory that is now populated with a multicultural divided people. Our elections are now carried along ethnic preferences aka identity politics regardless of their competence.

There is no longer such a thing as ”Canadian” nationalism. It’s finished. Butts, no Butts, we have our last chance but no leader. End of the story.

Moe S.

Remember when Trudeau said, “Canada is back on the world stage.” The drama teacher is a walking/talking disaster on the international stage. Good leaders lead by example. He has proven to Canadians time again he has NO leadership qualities or skills. We are stuck with him for one more very long year. What could possibly go wrong in a year?


Considering there have been, what, three terrorist attacks since spring so far in Canada? Quite a bit.

Phil Alexander

I guess the Groper will cut a cheque for 10 mil, condemn the unwashed Canucks for being racist, and somehow Stephen Harper will be blamed for the whole thing, anyway. (All while dressed up like Aladdin, of course). Leftists never admit they are wrong, never apologize, and never live up to their election promises. Maybe we are as stupid as they think we are because we keep voting for them.


so you voted for the libs? WTF made you do that? You should have seen through the BS the media was spewing but it seems you were duped into thinking he is some kind of savior. It’s amazing how people can flip flop & believe the garbage libs say. ontario under wyn, should have been a very good teacher since they were in for what, 12 years, raised the debt considerably with bs propaganda. Just sayin…


Forget the ”Groper”. It’s unimportant and all men tend to grope. Get over it.

We are the product of our environment and of what we read and MSM. You clearly haven’t branched out.

I know for a fact that most people don’t know how to do a simple web search. Forget Google. Upload Duckduckgo, the results will be better. The more words the best for a web search, let’say – in your case – twenty words.

Wake up and forget biased mainstream.

Ralph Knapp

I and many men I know don’t grope and never would.


But SA is still allowing us to buy their oil! 15% of our oil comes from a backward and dangerous country. [we import 40% of our oil, the other countries aren’t much better than SA} We’re so lucky! Otherwise we would have to invest in Canada.

Wendy Lush

“We’re not considering any responses.” Wow, what leadership. Our very own Churchill. /s

alan skelhorne

once a coward always a coward, it runs in the family.