Police Officers Killed In Fredericton Shooting Identified

45-year-old Lawrence Robert Costello, and 43-year-old Sara Burns were killed in the Brookside Drive shooting. The two civilians killed have not yet been identified.

Fredericton Police have identified the two police officers killed in the shooting on Brookside Drive:

“Our deepest condolences to the families of our fallen members 45-year-old Lawrence Robert Costello and 43-year-old Sara Mae Helen Burns and the other victims in this morning’s shootings.”

45-year-old Lawrence Robert Costello was on the force for two decades. He leaves behind four children.

43-year-old Sara Burns had been on the force since 2016. She leaves behind three children, and her husband.

Police say that a man and women were the civilian victims of the shooting. Their names have not yet been released.

The name of the shooter has also not been released. Police say he is 48-years-old, and is being treated in hospital.

Victims of the shooting are currently being treated at Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital. Many residents of the city are outside the hospital in a show of support for the injured.

Here’s what Fredericton Police said in a news conference:

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May Our Lord Jesus Christ Welcome Officers Robert and Sara and others who have died into His Kingdom.

richard millar

so very sad for your families these brave men/woman went to the aid of a serious crime in progress and gave their lives in the effort to help what is becoming of our society my prayers are with your families and all of Fredericton in this terrible loss may they rest in heavenly peace for eternity