Saudi Arabia Claims Canada Is “Worst Oppressor Of Women,” Says Jordan Peterson Is In Jail

The Saudi propaganda machine is ramping up the anti-Canada rhetoric.

Saudi Arabia’s epic overreaction to a Canadian government tweet continues.

Now, they’re ramping up their propaganda machine, spreading lies about Canada.

The National Post has noted that Saudi Arabia is now claiming that Canada is the world’s worst oppressor of women.

Of course, the Saudis fail to mention that domestic violence and spousal rape are not illegal in the Saudi kingdom. Additionally, if a Saudi women is raped, she can be publicly lashed for the ‘crime’ of adultery.

Saudi Arabia also claimed that Professor Jordan Peterson is currently in prison.


Again, it’s Saudi Arabia that jails government critics (as much as Justin Trudeau may wish he had the same power – AKA ‘basic dictatorship’).

The Saudis are also claiming that 75% of Canadian prisoners die before facing trial.


The Saudi lies are hilarious to us here in Canada, since they make even the CBC look like an ‘honest’ state-run broadcaster (not an easy thing to do).

But in Saudi Arabia, there are no alternate perspectives, not even websites where people can criticize the government or push back against the state-controlled narrative. All media in Saudi Arabia is controlled by the government, and as a result, there will be many people in Saudi Arabia who end up believing this pathetic propaganda.

Spencer Fernando

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CBC has been saying not nice things about them, and is it true? CBC? Is this all our so very untruthful secretive puppets have said or done? let me think? Trump our neighbour?, India? our pipelines and oil and gas? Paris accord? paid for climate change scientists? What Canadians want(but they don’t)? political visit to Aga Khans with other Democrats there? unethical others? paying off terrorists, tried to keep secret? the budget will balance itself? should I keep going? the lies about Mr. Harper? we could keep going but why? So did Saudi Arabia have any other reasons, to be… Read more »

J Jonah Jameson

Nice try MbS


Ottawa (AFP) – Canada is quietly nudging allies including Germany and Sweden for help with resolving its row with Saudi Arabia, a government source confirmed Thursday.

The senior official, who asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the diplomacy, said Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland had spoken with her counterparts in the two European nations.

shawn harris

With all the statements, threats, accusations and outright lies being made by Saudi Arabia, it is a wonder why Canada still is doing business with them and even trying to keep, what appears to be a one sided relationship with them going. Surely Trudeau, with all of his arrogance, conceit and narcissism, doesn’t actually believe that this situation, of his own making, is good for Canada and Canadians? And what exactly are we getting from Saudi Arabia,other than oil we don’t need and all lot of threats, demands and being portrayed as being weak and ineffective, by the words and… Read more »


Maybe we can divert the “White Helmets” destined for Canada to Saudi Arabia instead, with instructions to “cut off their heads” as a taste off their own medicine. Works for me.


I think Canada is one of the best countries in the world. And that is how its people should feel. We have helped more then we have harmed I think. Were not perfect and have made mistakes and probably continue to do so I’m sure. When we find them we should fix them! We have made friends and we know them because they talk well to us and about us. If they see a problem I would expect to hear from them. And we should try and fix them because were friends and should look out for each other. The… Read more »