Saudi Arabia Claims Canada Is “Worst Oppressor Of Women,” Says Jordan Peterson Is In Jail

The Saudi propaganda machine is ramping up the anti-Canada rhetoric.

Saudi Arabia’s epic overreaction to a Canadian government tweet continues.

Now, they’re ramping up their propaganda machine, spreading lies about Canada.

The National Post has noted that Saudi Arabia is now claiming that Canada is the world’s worst oppressor of women.

Of course, the Saudis fail to mention that domestic violence and spousal rape are not illegal in the Saudi kingdom. Additionally, if a Saudi women is raped, she can be publicly lashed for the ‘crime’ of adultery.

Saudi Arabia also claimed that Professor Jordan Peterson is currently in prison.


Again, it’s Saudi Arabia that jails government critics (as much as Justin Trudeau may wish he had the same power – AKA ‘basic dictatorship’).

The Saudis are also claiming that 75% of Canadian prisoners die before facing trial.


The Saudi lies are hilarious to us here in Canada, since they make even the CBC look like an ‘honest’ state-run broadcaster (not an easy thing to do).

But in Saudi Arabia, there are no alternate perspectives, not even websites where people can criticize the government or push back against the state-controlled narrative. All media in Saudi Arabia is controlled by the government, and as a result, there will be many people in Saudi Arabia who end up believing this pathetic propaganda.

Spencer Fernando

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