TRUDEAU DIPLOMACY: U.S. & Mexico NAFTA Talks Continuing Into Next Week, Canada Still Left Out

Canada could be left with a “take it or leave it” deal dictated by the U.S. & Mexico.

Bilateral NAFTA talks between the U.S. & Mexico are continuing into next week, while Canada continues to remain on the sidelines.

According to the CP, “The federal government finds itself in a holding pattern on NAFTA negotiations with one-on-one talks between the United States and Mexico set to spill into next week. A source familiar with the effort said Friday that Canadian negotiators won’t be returning to the NAFTA bargaining table in Washington until its two partners find common ground on their outstanding issues, especially the complex sticking points around the auto sector.”

While the source says Canada ‘could’ rejoin the talks later next week, the longer our country remains on the outside looking in, the higher the chances we’ll end up being given a “take it or leave it” deal dictated by the U.S. and Mexico.

And that’s not speculation, it’s what U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said to a Senate Committee. He wants to force concessions from Canada by presenting Trudeau & Freeland with a deal agreed on by the U.S. & Mexico.

And though I’ve said it before, it needs to be repeated (because the establishment media won’t say it): Trudeau blew a huge opportunity about a year ago when the U.S. was focusing their anger on Mexico and wanted a quick deal with Canada to gain leverage to address America’s trade deficit with their southern neighbour. Canada almost certainly could have gotten a deal with very few concessions.

But Trudeau rejected that outright, saying he wanted to stand in “solidarity” with Mexico. Now, Mexico has ignored any idea of “solidarity” (and who can blame them for looking after their own interests), and is cutting a deal with the U.S. while we’re left out.

Well played Justin…

Spencer Fernando

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