Canada Must Become More Self-Reliant & Build Up Our Internal Strength

More trade between the provinces, more pipelines, more refineries, lower business taxes, scrapping the carbon tax, building up our military, and honouring our history would all go a long way towards making Canada a more self-reliant nation.

In the wake of Canada’s fight with Saudi Arabia, many people are waking up to how needlessly dependent on foreign countries we are.

Everything said by the elites in the wake of the crisis was externally focused, whether it was fears about Saudi Arabia’s retaliation, or demanding that our allies agree with with us.

However, an external focus is the real problem here, and it’s why our nation is in such a vulnerable position in the first place.

If we had real national leadership, we wouldn’t need to be concerned about Saudi Arabia at all, and we wouldn’t need to beg our allies to come to our rescue when we get in trouble.

The truth is that Canada has everything we need here at home to become a much more powerful and self-reliant nation. But to make use of our full potential, we must shift our focus inward.

Here are some very simple things we can do to build up our internal strength:

Get rid of inter-provincial trade barriers. Why should we focus on ‘free trade’ with other countries when we don’t even have free trade within Canada?

Build more pipelines. It’s a sad and pathetic joke that we use Saudi oil, or oil from any other country. We need to build more pipelines to get our oil from the West and into the East, so we become fully energy independent.

We also need more refineries. As more pipelines are built, more refineries should be constructed as well.

Of course, under the current business environment created by the Trudeau Liberals, investment is fleeing the country. So, to encourage the investment that makes more pipelines and refineries possible, we must lower our business taxes, scrap the destructive carbon tax, and bring in big-time de-regulation.

We must end our sad dependence on the US for our national defence. While the US remains our close ally, it is unfair both to them, and to our own nation to put the burden for our defence on them. Canada is a rich, and technologically advanced nation, and there’s zero reason why we can’t have a strong military force that is up to the task of defending Canada. While it would cost many billions of dollars, that money could be easily found with a few years of spending restraint in federal government hiring. A truly independent nation must be able to defend itself.

It is also essential that we honour our history. We must oppose those who want to wipe out our historical past (like those who shamefully removed the John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria). We should never apologize for having pride in our country.

These changes are all within our power to implement in Canada. All that is required is a shift in mindset. For too long our ‘leaders’ have looked outside our own nation for answers, following others and making us dependent on foreign countries. It’s time to put that mindset to rest, and start focusing on our own country and building up our own internal strength. That’s how our true potential will be fulfilled.

Spencer Fernando

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