DISGUSTING: Victoria Removes John A. Macdonald Statue

The radical left is attempting to destroy Canadian History.

In a disgusting and shameful move, the Victoria City Council has removed a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, the latest in a growing example of radical left attempts to destroy Canadian history.

A video of the statue being removed can be seen below:

This is a terrible moment, and unless Canadians speak out against it and vote out the leftists, it will keep happening.

The radical left has a clear agenda: Wipe out Canadian national pride, and replace it with a globalist ideology that rejects the idea of a unified Canadian nation.

That attitude makes it impossible to stand up for Canada’s values of individual freedom, because it rejects the very idea that Canada could have good values in the first place. It’s meant to destroy confidence in Canada, ignore everything good about our country and our history, and focus only on the bad – including exaggerating it.

It’s destructive, it’s dangerous, and it must be opposed.

Remember, the left won’t stop at John A. Macdonald. Soon, they’ll start coming for every Canadian historical figure and everything that our country is based on. We must not let that happen.

“Canadians have more reason to be proud of our history than anyone. Yet our so-called ‘leaders’ are trying to wipe out that history and denigrate Canada. If they succeed in destroying our national confidence and pride, we will end up losing our country.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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