REPORT: Matthew Vincent Raymond Charged In Fredericton Shooting

Raymond has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

48-year-old Matthew Vincent Raymond has been charged with four counts of first degree murder following the Fredericton shooting. Authorities also identified the two civilian victims of the shooting as Bobbie Lee Wright, and her boyfriend, Donnie Robichaud. Police officers Robb Costello and Sara Burns were identified yesterday as victims of the shooting. At this time, police have not said whether Raymond knew the victims. Those who knew Wright and Robichaud have been sharing their thoughts, as reported by the CP:

Robichaud and Wright were in a new relationship, according to his cousin, Sean Callahan: They had just gotten together at the beginning of August.

Robichaud was a loving parent who played bass and sang in a few local bands, said Callahan. “The guy was so likable, like, I don’t think he had anybody that hated him, and Donnie, if he even hated you, he’d still give you the shirt off his back — he would help you out,” Callahan said.

Friends and family took to the Facebook status announcing Wright and Robichaud’s relationship to mourn on Saturday. “Thank you for being a great aunt for my kids,” one user wrote. “Please watch over my babies from up there.”

“So sad. She and Donnie are going to be missed by many,” another said.

While it had earlier been thought that additional victims were being treated in hospital, the authorities have now said that only the accused shooter is being treated. Police have not yet released details on a motive. As Canadians across our country mourn, many Police Officers are sharing their thoughts in the aftermath of the shooting, including Halifax Regional Police Chief Jean-Michel Blais:
“Just after I tucked my son in bed tonight, and reflected on the day, it was with chagrin that I realised that at least seven children in Fredericton tonight would not have the same luxury. To the children of Sara Burns and Robb Costello, I with you peace and comfort this night.”
Spencer Fernando Photo – Twitter
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Thank you Spencer for sharing this very sad news, but we all needed to know.
All those children who needlessly lost a parent and their families who will mourn with them, our sad thoughts are with you all.

Mary Bourne

I find it very odd that there have been no pictures posted anywhere of the fredicton killer… Matthew Vincent Raymond. What are they hiding I ask?