SOCIALIST SQUABBLE: Notley Rips Fellow Dipper Singh, Calls Him “Elitist”

Trouble in the socialist paradise?

Rachel Notley is ripping into Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, in an attempt to put some distance between herself and Singh’s radical left anti-pipeline stance.

In a recent interview with Graham Thomson of the Edmonton Journal, Notley slammed Singh, and ridiculed his idea that Canada should replace Saudi oil with more foreign oil instead of building up Canadian pipeline capacity:

“What happened with Jagmeet is that he’s learning that things are not as simple as they sometimes seem.” 

Notley also pushed the idea that Singh was against working people:

“I am a New Democrat that comes from the part of the party that understands that you don’t bring about equality and fairness without focusing on jobs for regular working people. To forget that and to throw them under the bus as collateral damage in pursuit of some other high level policy objective is a recipe for failure and it’s also very elitist.”

Notley is certainly correct that Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are against working people. However, that’s a reason to vote for the United Conservative Party.

Many people in the Alberta NDP government think the way Singh does. And after all, there’s no such thing technically as an Alberta NDP separate from the federal one. There’s only one NDP, and Jagmeet Singh is the leader of the party that Rachel Notley belongs to.

So why take the risk of electing the NDP again in Alberta and having that anti-pipeline attitude still within the government?

As much as Notley may try to distance herself from Singh, the only way to truly get rid of the socialists is to ensure the UCP wins the next election.

Spencer Fernando

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I know that Liberal Party and NDP Party are two and the Same. These two Parties have always been a Disaster when they were in power, and their Socialist ideas are NOT what Canadians want. I Hope that Common Sense Prevails both in next year’s Alberta Provincial Election and in the Upcoming by election and both Notley an Singh are Turfed. Canadians have been experiencing enough Turmoil both Federally and Provincially and hopefully will vote SMART! Canadians have to Vote Conservative if we want our Provinces and our Country back!


I think the non Canadian foreign supported Lieberal/NDP’s have done so much damage to our once great country, without a boarder now, etc. that hopefully Canadians can see we need damage control desperately before there is no Canada left. If your not for Canada either do not vote. or leave, take your falsehoods with you.


NDP – The Not Developing Pipelines party or No Development Period…